Nov 30, 2008

thanksgiving was good, but

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Nate's family drove down to spend the holiday with us (thanks!). We whipped up a tasty meal and spent some time together soaking in the warm weather and watching the dogs try to tear each other apart. Izzy and Bean are already missing them. 

It was the first Thanksgiving meal I had a hand in making. Pretty proud of myself. I made my mom's cheesey potatos...yes Rachel, you should've been here. Yum. We're thankful for their visit, and hope they have a safe drive back!

Nate and I also made it through our first month back on our budget (thanks Dave Ramsey). Very proud. Hopefully we learn our lesson and don't blow our whole food budget in the first two weeks this time. Those last couple of weeks were getting pretty pathetic. Tomorrow though, pizza....and then grocery shopping. I think we'll start the budget over a day early. Thanks to Nate's family for getting us through those last few days...and for the new tupperware. :)

Things we're thankful for this year (in no particular order, ha):
- Each other
- Izzy and Bean
- Our wonderful and super supportive families
- The friends we've met in CC this year
- The best jobs two graphic designers could ask for
- Our health, and the health of our families
- Our continued success on the side
- BSF bible study
- Ike and Dolly not hitting Corpus
- Dave Ramsey, and Cara for lending me his book
- Obama winning the election
- Rice and beans, beans and rice :)
- Our new apartment, and the ability to have it
- Rachel moving to Austin so she can be closer. yay!
- our families and friends coming to visit

And lots more things, but 2008's not least that's a start. :)

Nate with his food. We all huddled around the TV and ate on the couch. :)

The cornbake and stuffing. mmmm.

Yay! My first cheesey potatoes!

Yep, I took way too much food.

The cutest dog you've ever seen.

Dachshunds photo of the week: See Izzy in there? Pretty ridiculous.

Izzy's new best friend. Grandpa Byron.

Nov 22, 2008

the kraken

Last week we had the cover shoot for the next issue of The One Bride Guide. One of the yacht club members let us borrow his sail boat to shoot on. And it was gorgeous. I didn't shoot the cover shots, but I did take some behind the scenes photos here they are...your sneak peak at the next issue. :)

Erika getting situated on the boat. So pretty.

Jimmy and Erica. They actually did get married a couple of months ago.

Moving around to get another shot.

Jonathan and the couple figuring their way around the boat. Isn't it lovely.

All the rest of us watching Jonathan shoot.

Nov 20, 2008

don't grieve, admiral

Well thanks a lot Las Vegas. Thanks for ruining Nate and my plans for a very fun, entertaining, and mainly...nerdy 5 year anniversary vow renewal. I had heard the rumors that the Star Trek Experience was closing, but I had refused to actually look it up because I reeeeally didn't want it to be true. 

So guess what. It's true.

It's a sad day for Nate and I. Let's just say they better come up with a Star Wars version in the next 2 1/2 years to make up for this

Nate and me on our honeymoon. This is where we would've gotten remarried. :( It would've been awwwwesome.

Nov 19, 2008

dachshund pic of the week

Well I finally snagged a treasury on Etsy and put together some of my favorite pieces. To no surprise they all resemble Izzy and Bean. 

So, if you're looking for something cute for me for Christmas... :)

Nov 18, 2008

nb photography

Nate and I have been lucky enough to have some really great neighbors down here. We recently met Nicki and Shane, a super cool couple with a HUGE sheep dog name Snuffy. Turns out that we couldn't have much more in common. Nicki is a photographer, so Nate and I have really enjoyed talking to her about equipment and techniques and what have you...and Shane and Nate are one in the same when it comes to books, games, and all around geekery. We recently designed some branding for Nicki's photography business/site, which is now up and running. You should check it out: here.

One of the logos we designed for her.

This is Nicki...and one of the other logos. She likes flamingos. :) Oh, and this is one of her pictures by the way.

Nov 16, 2008

go ninja go ninja...go

This weekend Nate and I saw something pretty awesome...and, in fact, not so good. Vanilla Ice. Yep, he was in town, and we couldn't pass it up. Our neighbors, Wil and Brooke, went along with us.

We figured we could all use a blast from the past...and a good cheeseburger. But we seriously waited 2 hours for him to start playing. No idea what took him so long to get his incredibly loud self on stage, but it was actually REALLY annoying. We considered leaving several times. But after waiting an hour, and then an hour and a half, and finally two hours, we didn't want to leave. And we're pretty glad we didn't. I can now say I've seen "Ice Ice Baby" live, and in person. And once is probably enough.

Word to your mother.

Nate, Brooke, and Wil happy that the show finally started.

The best neighbors...and soon to be totally rad parents. :)

Terrible phone picture...but that's him.

Nov 15, 2008


I haven't been keeping up on this, and even though Bean just ate my favorite pair of dress shoes (bad dog!), I still love her I guess. So here's the latest installment of "dachshund photo of the week."

Nov 11, 2008

tedde: the contemporary bear store

K, Nate and I love these guys. If you're looking for something unique, fun, and cuddly for someone this holiday season you should definitely check these guys out. Besides the fact that they are continuously updating their NY based shop with wonderfully creative bears, their beautiful graphic design (wink), and their lovable sense of humor, they're just down right nice people making bed times everywhere a little more tedde at a time. Go visit them here.

And now, a word from the geniuses:
It's true. We're stuffed. We're bears. Yep, we're stuffed bears. The difference? We are stuffed with personality, charisma, character, charm. And we're stuffed with love. In fact, we're full of love. And a little gas. Hi, we're Tedde!

Tedde is giving the traditional teddy bear a makeover with updated designs and mischievous personalities. We messed with the spelling, but it sounds just like teddy!

Tedde believes teddy bears shouldn't look and feel like they just fell off an assembly line, so its mission is to rid the world of factory-made bear clones. Just say to no to factory made! Tedde works with designers and artists to create new Tedde designs. Teddes are manufactured in collaboration with individual artists and sewing cooperatives.

The Tedde collection includes Teddes, Tedde Gold, Bear Food and Tiny Teddes for your pocket. Teddes are limited production and constructed by hand with textiles like mohair, felt, wool, handspun yarn, vinyl, silk, canvas, recycled cotton, linen and cashmere.

Tedde HQ is located in Manhattan's garment district. Schedule an appointment to come by and meet the Teddes. Hey Vermont, it's New York calling and we're taking back the teddy bear! During the Holidays, drop off your old teddy bear at Tedde HQ and we'll give you $5 off a brand new Tedde.

If you're not local, visit and return often! Limited editions, exclusively ours (and yours), never identical and always made by hand. Otherwise, it's just a teddy. Tedde is dedicated to creativity and innovation in teddy bear design.

By the way, does your stuffed bear make you look cool at school, or stand out at an important birthday party, like when you show up with a killer gift? And while we're on the subject, are you proud to tell your friends who you sleep with? You are if you own a Tedde.

My new favorite. 4 Eyes. Go visit him! 

Nov 10, 2008

Fred gets a new home...or at least wall color

This weekend Nate, Karina and I gave her office over at Epic Sports and Entertainment a facelift. It's out with the baby blue and in with something a little more in tune with Karina's taste.

We think Fred will feel a little more at home as well...

Yes, this is Fred.

Karina painting over the wall that somebody else literally decoupaged.

Nate showing off his "I don't need a step stool" skills.

Nov 4, 2008

Go visit

Go visit

And check out these two artists on etsy because their stuff is pretty rad. I may need to purchase some of these for my apartment...

Nov 3, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeney!

Well, hopefully everyone had a fun and entertaining Halloween weekend. After being lame last year and not dressing up, Nate and I made our Halloween come back with what are now our favorite costumes we've ever had. If you don't watch LOST you won't know what we are...and too bad for you...maybe you should start watching LOST. 

We went to a Halloween party with Monica and Ryan on Friday night. Some people knew who we were, others wrongfully assumed I was a doctor. 

And no drunk guy standing at the keg, I don't give prostate exams, geesh

Rachel came down on Saturday to hang out. Apparently Corpus doesn't dress up all weekend like EVERY other city in the country. Lame I tell you! We dressed up anyways...

Drink your water. It's hot on the island.

But don't forget the beer. It's also boring on the island...

Rachel's excellent costume she made. Such a seamstress!

The workman and the scientist. A happy pair.

Pretty sure there aren't bar wenches on the island...but we can pretend. Somebody's got to serve us our Dharma beer, right?

Monica and Ryan. :)