Apr 12, 2009

here comes the easter beanie...and her sidekick izzy

Happy Easter from the Rippke family! We hope today finds you and your family well, renewed, and at peace.

We spent the majority of the day after church lounging around in a day of rest with the pup pups. And taking some pics of them...cause they're sooooo unbearably cute... :)

Me and my girls spending some time together. :)

Seriously, Bean would sleep all day if we let her...and sometimes we do.

She's so snuggly. :) 

Izzy enjoying a little Sunday afternoon rawhide.

Nate enjoying his Easter candy. Thanks Mrs. Johnson!

Apr 4, 2009

don't try to take off in this wind

This last Wednesday we shot the cover for the next issue of The One on the USS Lexington. In an attempt to catch the sunrise in the photos we arrived at a time of morning I'm not sure I even knew existed. Unfortunately it was completely overcast. So, no sun. But, no squinting either. :)

Dustin Ashcraft took the actual pictures for the cover (not these...), and Josh Salinas had the impossible task of trying to reign in the models hair during what had to be 30 mph winds. It was pretty ridiculous.

I took a bunch of behind the scenes photos. So here's your sneak peak...

We were in a little room called "the helicopter room" right off of the flight deck. 

Monica being a pilot?? I can't remember...it was too early...

Josh working on her make-up.

Buttoning up the dress.

Ashley spilt coffee on herself. haha.

It was seriously so windy.

A cloudy chilly morning on Corpus Christi Bay.

This is Dustin.

The lovely couple. :)

So cute.

Ashley trying not to blow away. Looking super pumped.

Our task for the morning: don't let this piece of equipment end up in the gulf.

Love this pose.

Finishing up the shoot. Looking super awesome.

Apr 3, 2009

you'd look like this too on the way down

As promised, my parents sent over the last few images from our Disney trip. And they are pretty fantastic.

Especially this first one...

Yep. We're wearing matching shirts. And yes, I do look like I'm about to die. Probably my favorite from the whole trip.

avoiding a t-rex

All of us in our hotel

Everyone at EPCOT