Nov 3, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeney!

Well, hopefully everyone had a fun and entertaining Halloween weekend. After being lame last year and not dressing up, Nate and I made our Halloween come back with what are now our favorite costumes we've ever had. If you don't watch LOST you won't know what we are...and too bad for you...maybe you should start watching LOST. 

We went to a Halloween party with Monica and Ryan on Friday night. Some people knew who we were, others wrongfully assumed I was a doctor. 

And no drunk guy standing at the keg, I don't give prostate exams, geesh

Rachel came down on Saturday to hang out. Apparently Corpus doesn't dress up all weekend like EVERY other city in the country. Lame I tell you! We dressed up anyways...

Drink your water. It's hot on the island.

But don't forget the beer. It's also boring on the island...

Rachel's excellent costume she made. Such a seamstress!

The workman and the scientist. A happy pair.

Pretty sure there aren't bar wenches on the island...but we can pretend. Somebody's got to serve us our Dharma beer, right?

Monica and Ryan. :)

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