Feb 27, 2008

izzy and the bean

Ok, it took WAY longer than it should've but izzyandthebean.com is finally up.  Check it out.  We'll be adding more as we get to it, but this is a start anyways.

Feb 26, 2008

i'd dance for obama any day

There are more pictures today than news.  But Nate's working late (really late) again, so I figured I'd blog now so we can spend time together when he's actually home.  I don't mind the late nights though because we more than appreciate the hours/overtime.  Especially since we just bought a new camera lens.  The project he originally got hired on to do was printed this week.  It looks really good, and I'm sure they're all glad it's done with.  Nate also got his business cards this week.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Our website is basically done...I just need to put it up online.  We're planning on getting some more equipment soon, and maybe another camera body so we can both shoot at the same time.  Check out the site (izzyandthebean.com), and if it's not up when you read this I PROMISE it will be super soon.   

Obama was here last Friday.  Nate and I were able to get off work early and head over to join the giant line waiting to get into the arena. There were a TON of people and we ended up way in the nose bleed section.  It didn't matter though, the message was still good.  The Texas primaries are coming up in a couple of weeks.  Apparently Texas is the only state you can vote twice in.  It's called the "Texas two-step" and it's basically a primary vote and a caucus vote.  Unfortunately I don't think Nate and I can vote.  We still don't have our TX driver's licenses.  I'm pretty annoyed about it.  I need to find someone who doesn't care about who wins to go cast an Obama vote (or two) for me. Ha.

One of my best friends, James, may be headed down our way to do a short internship this summer at McLeod.  It'd be pretty awesome to have someone down here to hang out with, and even better that we'd get to work together too.  It'd be kind of like old times...only instead of homework it'd be actual work, and instead of paying tuition we'd be getting paid.  Nice.  Nate and I are keeping our fingers crossed that it works out.

Nate with the printer's proof of the "grey book" he's been working on for the last five months...this is just the front and back cover.

A super crappy picture of Nate's business card. Sorry.

Izzy and Bean taking a nap in the sun.

Then they wanted to take a nap on dad.  No, we did not pose them.  They did this to themselves.

Me in line (at the end of the line basically) at Obama.  At least the scenery is good.

This is probably only about half of the line.

Nate and I "learning" the Texas Two-step.

No, I wasn't saluting.  It was just really bright and Nate zoomed WAY in.

We finally moved up into the shade.  Still a ton of people in line.

Nate up in the nose bleed section. 

Us at our first political event together. How romantic.
Woo Hoo Obama!  Look how tiny he looks from way up there.

This is Nate's serious, political face.

Nate working during his photo shoot at the bowling alley.

One of Nate's shots.

Another shot.

Tiny picture of James...being awesome. 

Feb 19, 2008

too bad dogs don't count as dependents

This weekend Nate and I officially became adults. We did our taxes...ourselves. Yep, I know, pretty grown-up of us. Even more grown up...we're putting most of our refund into our retirement funds. Fun stuff. We are going to have a little fun with it though. Nate's going to buy a lens for his camera (which we'll most likely be able to write off next year. yea!) and maybe a flash or something. He's been learning how to make websites and is currently working on a photography/design site for us that will be up soon (at izzyandthebean.com). I'll let you know when it's up and running.

We spent some time in Kingsville this weekend to celebrate our friend, Courtney's, birthday at our new favorite burger place. And even though it was her birthday...and not ours...they gave us an awesome piece of art for our wall (see picture below). We love it!!

I had the day off on Monday so I headed back out to Kingsville to see Courtney and her girls. We took the little ones downtown and had an good old-fashioned girl's day out, complete with lunch at the tea room and all. She's started up a baking company (asweetfate.etsy.com) and sent me home with some of the best cream cheese pound cake ever in return for a business card design. Nate and I of course spread nutella on it and ate until we were in a sugar coma.

Izzy and Bean are pretty much inseparable now. Now that Bean is big enough to get up on the bed and couch Izzy doesn't have anywhere to hide from her so she's had to learn to stand up for herself. Bean has started chewing on everything she can fit in her mouth, and should be losing her teeth soon we think.

I'm going to be volunteering some time on the committee for the food bank's Harvest of Hope dinner. Nate's done some design work for it, and I'm going to be working with a couple of other people to get the silent auction items donated. Meetings start next week so I'll have a better idea of what's going on after that.

Tomorrow night Nate and I are going on a date night to the Addy awards (advertising awards) and then Barack Obama is in town on Friday. I don't know much about either event right now, but I'll have more about them this weekend.

These are Courtney's girls. Hazel and Caroline. Seriously, cutest kids ever, right? No kids of my own...gotta brag about the nearest ones to me. :)

Doxie love...thanks Courtney and Reed!! So awesome.

Baby Bean and her indestructible tire toy.

Izzy and Bean sleeping together on the couch.

Bean gets to go outside now that she's vaccinated. This is her huge collar (it's actually folded here) that she needs to grow into.

Rolling around trying to take it off. She's still getting used to wearing it.

This is Izzy's favorite spot to lay. She's basically a scarf.

A semi "controlled" burn in Kingsville...45 min away from where this picture was taken. It got a bit out of control for a little while and was HUGE.

This is what the sky looked like at sunset that night.

Some weird little thing Nate took a picture of.

Nate at a souvenir shop in Port Aransas. Nice hate dude. Thanks for the pic Courtney.

Feb 9, 2008

the ween sistas

Bean went to the vet this week to get her last set of shots. She's doubled in size since we got her right before Christmas. Seven pounds one ounce. She's growing up so fast! We took some video of them together so you can get an idea of her size compared to Izzy.

Izzy and Bean playing together. I end up being the one that gets bit.

One of the funniest things I've seen them do. I have no idea why Izzy got so obsessed with Bean's ear, but this went on for a good few minutes. Bean seemed to like it though.

Feb 4, 2008

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Good news! My WHOLE family is coming down for spring break!!  I know we just got back from Iowa a month ago, but I can't wait to see them again!

This is Mardi Gras week/weekend! Woo Hoo!  And here in Corpus Christi we've been planning the third annual Mardi Gras in DTown (downtown).  Thursday night the party kicked-off at House of Rock with the coronation of the royal court and some live music.  It was also a chamber of commerce mixer which meant food and beverages were provided. Yum!  We didn't get to stay very long though because the LOST premiere was on that night so we had to make sure to be home in time for it.  

Friday was the first official MG in DTown Street Party.  The weather was a little chilly, but it was a really good time.  Budweiser provided beer (awesome), and we had an array of street performers roaming around.  There were mimes, belly dancers, a magician, tarot card readers, and a caraciture artist.  It was right in front of a bar called Bourbon Street (fitting, I know) which has a balcony that is perfect for bead throwing.  

Saturday Nate and I went to the pub crawl with Monica and her husband, Ryan.  We were sure there was no way we were going to make it around to all of the bars, but I'm proud to say we did it!...but it makes it a little easier to finish when you don't actually have to buy a drink at each bar in order to get stamped.  The Regional Transportation Authority recently gave downtown an old tram that we used to cart people around.  There was also a band of some really awesome old guys playing music that made you feel like you were actually in New Orleans.  I kept thinking "it's midnight, these guys have got to be exhausted," and I'm sure they were, but at least they got to ride the tram around instead of walking from bar to bar.  Check out the video of them below.  I love these guys.

Nate's birthday was yesterday...super bowl Sunday.  Happy 27th!  We didn't do anything too exciting since we'd pretty much spent our weekend budget during Mardi Gras.  But we did go to Cici's Pizza in celebration. If you haven't had the privilege of eating at a Cici's I'm slightly sad for you. You should find one soon.  We watched the super bowl down in the club house of our apartment complex.  They, of course, served pizza.  And although I am totally capable of eating pizza for two meals in a row (and loving every second of it), it really doesn't do much for your self-esteem.  So we've decided that we need to get in shape before my family gets here.  

Tomorrow our friends from Kingsville are coming to town to look at apartments.  There's a possibility that they'll be moving to CC.  I know they're wanting to get out of here and head back up towards Dallas, but I'm crossing my fingers they come here for at least a little while.  We'll be heading out to meet them for dinner and then Nate and I may end up going to the Fat Tuesday Tram Crawl...besides that not much else is planned this week.  Let the good times roll!

These guys were so much fun.

Me after the pub crawl with my shirt and shot glass I designed.

Nate with his prizes too.

A close up of the shot glass.  It lights up!

Me and Nate on the tram riding around downtown.

The front car of the DTown tram stopping at House of Rock.

The pub crawl band playing at the House of Rock.

The king (Larry) and queen (my boss, Monica)

Me at the street party.

A bearded butterfly.
One of the signs I designed for the street party.

Some glitter and a clown/mime.

Casey, one of the owners of the House of Rock.

Nate and a bunch of other people throwing beads off the balcony.

The belly dancers dancing around some random guy.