Nov 30, 2008

thanksgiving was good, but

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Nate's family drove down to spend the holiday with us (thanks!). We whipped up a tasty meal and spent some time together soaking in the warm weather and watching the dogs try to tear each other apart. Izzy and Bean are already missing them. 

It was the first Thanksgiving meal I had a hand in making. Pretty proud of myself. I made my mom's cheesey potatos...yes Rachel, you should've been here. Yum. We're thankful for their visit, and hope they have a safe drive back!

Nate and I also made it through our first month back on our budget (thanks Dave Ramsey). Very proud. Hopefully we learn our lesson and don't blow our whole food budget in the first two weeks this time. Those last couple of weeks were getting pretty pathetic. Tomorrow though, pizza....and then grocery shopping. I think we'll start the budget over a day early. Thanks to Nate's family for getting us through those last few days...and for the new tupperware. :)

Things we're thankful for this year (in no particular order, ha):
- Each other
- Izzy and Bean
- Our wonderful and super supportive families
- The friends we've met in CC this year
- The best jobs two graphic designers could ask for
- Our health, and the health of our families
- Our continued success on the side
- BSF bible study
- Ike and Dolly not hitting Corpus
- Dave Ramsey, and Cara for lending me his book
- Obama winning the election
- Rice and beans, beans and rice :)
- Our new apartment, and the ability to have it
- Rachel moving to Austin so she can be closer. yay!
- our families and friends coming to visit

And lots more things, but 2008's not least that's a start. :)

Nate with his food. We all huddled around the TV and ate on the couch. :)

The cornbake and stuffing. mmmm.

Yay! My first cheesey potatoes!

Yep, I took way too much food.

The cutest dog you've ever seen.

Dachshunds photo of the week: See Izzy in there? Pretty ridiculous.

Izzy's new best friend. Grandpa Byron.

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