Mar 29, 2009

there's a great big beautiful tomorrow

A week has passed since we got back from Disney...and I don't think a day has gone by that Nate and I haven't said to each other "man, I wish we were back in Disney." I'm saving my giant mickey lollypop my dad gave me for one of those days when I'm really missing it.

Needless to say, Nate's first trip (our first trip together) to Disney was a blast. A HUUUUUUGE thank you to mom and dad for this excellent Christmas present. The hotel was awesome, the food was awesome, and of course the company was awesome.

And for the record Nate's favorite ride was the tower of terror. Picture coming soon if mom and dad will ever email it to me.....yeah, mom, you.....send it over. :)

Mine...hmmm....probably spaceship earth, rockin' roller coaster, and space mountain.

Can't deny that I still love Carousel of Progress though...

Since we've been home we've been enjoying our souvenirs (especially my tomorrowland mug), and Nate's been trying to mimik some of the african food dishes we had while we were there. We took a ton of pictures. And even though I narrowed it down a bunch, I've still got a ton up on here. So I'll keep this short and let the photos talk...

Oh, and in case you missed it, check out Nate and my future in the previous entry (courtesy of Spaceship Earth). 

Splash Mountain. Check Nate out. Awesome.

Check Nate out here too...he's good...

Nate and I at the Star Wars ride. I have a feeling if Nate had gone to Disney when he was 8 this picture would've been very similar (minus me though).

Nate's pizza he made. Very similar to the african influenced one at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

So proud. Check out the mickey cork stopper.

My tomorrowland mug. I know, it's a mug, but it's so excellent.

the other side...

Nate's first monorail ride.

Us relaxing in a hammock at the Polynesian. 

We got to watch the space shuttle launch.

Andrew (my bro) and Jamie sportin the mickey ears.

Us in front of the castle. :)

The whole group.

Em and Curtis got soaked on splash mountain. hahaha. sorry...


most frosting ever.

the kids.

everyone on a dinosaur.

Nate and I about to see our future on Spaceship Earth.

In our time travel machines. For real.

No caption...

The music playing Delbot. Nate and Curtis' favorite.

Nate's first mickey ice cream.

A classic of my dad at Honey I Shrunk the Audience. So cheesy and awesome.

Me and my pops.

Gma and Papa and the siblings.

Nate and I at Blizzard Beach. I totally got sunburnt. Lame.

My bro, the big cheese.

Dad, Nate, and I riding the bus.

Uncle Johnny and my mom.

Papa J on a Segway. 

Me on a segway. I want one.

The segway riding group. They took a tour around EPCOT before it opened. I slept...

Geekiest ever. That's my man.

Gma, Papa, and Uncle Johnny at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM).

Mar 19, 2009

a preview of our future...and our trip

So Disney is a pretty fantastic place. They've made a lot of updates since I was here of my personal favorites has been the upgrades to Spaceship Earth a.k.a the big golf ball in Epcot. I've only got a second to write, so obviously I'll write more later, but here's a short preview of Nate and I in the future (click). It looks pretty perfect to me.

Mar 9, 2009

unload the questions, then cross the border

Well, as you can tell from my lack of blogging lately, not a whole lot has been going on down here...and maily I just haven't taken any pictures...which is pretty much my favorite part of this whole blog thing. But we did get ourselves a new little point and shoot camera, so I should be able to take more pictures now. Not that the SLR isn't an excellent camera, but let's just say it doesn't fit in my pocket while I'm dancing it up on the dance floor. Yeah, that's right, I dance it up. 

Annnnnnd, that means I can take lots and lots of pictures during our upcoming vacation to Disney with my family. Yay! 

Nate went down to Mexico with his Gma a couple of weeks ago. I, unfortunately, was feeling less than ideal and decided walking around Mexico for the day probably wasn't in my best interest. Nate however, had a pretty good time, bought some new dress shoes, and enjoyed an adult beverage in a bar/pharmacy (no that's not a joke) all before noon. See, this is why I needed the point and shoot camera. No pictures. Bummer.

The following weekend Nate headed up to the Dallas area for his first official work trip (aww, all growed up). It was for the TPRA conference (TX Public Relations Association). He had an excellent time, met lots of people, and has a newly found interest in studying social media. I got to spend a lot of time at Brooke and Wil's watching the game show network. They kept me entertained, and I even found a church I think we'll be happy to be a part of. All in all it was a productive weekend.

This weekend we took Izzy and Bean to the park down on the bay (also sad that I have no pics of this because it was awesome). They had a puppy play date with their new bestest friends, Bella and Rook. Rook, by the way, looks almost exactly like Bean...only with normal length legs. They had a pretty excellent time, and slept for the entire rest of the weekend. Which was great because that's exactly what I did too...

...except for the intense game playing we did later at Ashley and Lupe's place. Loaded Questions is pretty much the best game ever.

Nate trying to figure out how to outsmart me. Unsuccessful...

Ashley and Lupe. Happy birthday Lupe!!

Bella. Post park cocklebur haircut. Poor pup.

No, this is not's Rook. See, they totally look alike. They were meant for each other.