Jun 17, 2008

two years, two dogs, and a few pounds later...

Happy 2nd anniversary to me and Nate! Yay! Crazy that it's already been this long...seems like it really wasn't all that long ago. But I guess it has been. Cheers to us! We're 1/25 of our way to our Golden Anniversary.

I've pulled out a couple of pics from that day...and some other more recent ones. 

It's also my 1 year anniversary at work this week, and one 1 year anniversary of bringing Izzy home with us. I remember moving and filling up the car when we were driving down here and thinking "$2.60, are you kidding me!?" I'm pretty glad I'm not making a drive from IA to TX right now...especially moving a bunch of stuff. We did manage to put 30k miles on the car in a year though...

We've been keeping really busy still. No complaining here though, we're getting what we asked for...and what we want. Tonight, for our anniversary, there will be no computer though. We're taking the night off to get some dinner and head to the top of the city for drinks while overlooking the bay. It should be a nice change from sitting on our separate couches staring blankly at the computer screen from 6-midnight.

I got Nate (and me) something pretty fun for our anniversary, so I'll have to "share" it with all of you sometime soon. After he opens it of course. I want to get him another puppy. The breeder just had some pups a couple of days ago...if we had a house and a yard we'd already own one of the girls. It's about time Bean had someone pick on her for once. Ah, someday.

I am SO excited for this weekend. Our friends Val and Rachel are going to be in Austin moving Val down for her new job. Rachel called last night. They stopped just North of Texas, but will be in Austin sometime today. Wish I could go up now and spend a few days with them....dang work. I've also got the Food Bank's Harvest of Hope dinner this Friday, so I can't leave before that. I've really enjoyed volunteering my time towards it, but I can't say that I won't be glad when it's over. :) It's been eating up a lot of my nights too. Hopefully all the design stuff prints well and is a real hit...and helps us raise lots of money! I think it should be a great event.

Also want to say a quick Happy Bday to Grace! And a happy Father's day to my dad and dad-in laws, and all our Grandpas (Papas)!

A classic...Cheers to us! Who doesn't love a man with a mullet and a jean jacket.

Actually getting legally married...before the wedding.

Our huge and awesome wedding party.

My recent favorite picture of Izzy. I'd be pissed if someone was biting my feet too.

Nate at a photo shoot.

Me and Bean Machine.

I finally got a summer haircut! Yay!

Bean getting into trouble. I love this pic though. She's so sad that there's no more tp to pull off. Don't worry, she got the whole tube off the next day while I was at work.

Corvette + Eagle = Texas

Jun 10, 2008

somebody get this guy some cake

I know I need to update this...I'm trying to find time, I swear. Just wanted to give a quick "happy birthday" to my Papa Jones (I know, it was yesterday, but I send him a card so don't get too worked up about it). 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA! Good chatting with you guys on ichat last night. Send me some cake ok? Love you!

Jun 4, 2008

make sure you get a pretzel bun

Saw this billboard on our way to Austin last weekend. Someday I hope to get to work on a project where the creative brief includes the line "It's wiener time!"