Oct 26, 2008

high tech low tech

Thanks to a fellow twitter-er, this is probably one of the coolest things I've found to waste my time on in a while. I suggest you pour yourself a glass of wine, download this, and get to it. 

By the way. Look at that freaking cute picture of the pups.


Oct 25, 2008

milkbone should make a benadryl bone

We've had a relatively eventful Saturday so far. To start with our internet is out. Apparently our phone company GAVE our number to someone else and basically booted us off. No idea how that can happen. But it's going to be a few more days until it's back up. Super annoying.

Anywho, Nate took the dogs in for their annual checkups and shots this morning. Everything checked out ok. They're bottoms were a little tender, but not much slows them down...especially Bean...so we ate lunch and then laid around like our usual lazy Saturday selfs. A couple of hours later though Izzy started acting pretty weird and got really whiney and restless. So I got up to see what she was fussing about and her face and head were totally swelling up. It was pretty sick and creepy. Of course we rushed to the vet and by the time we got there her whole head was swollen and her back looked like she'd been attacked by a ton of mosquitos or something. She had welts and rashes all over her. And her poor little pup eyes were so puffy and almost all the way shut. It was pretty scary. She's had reactions to vaccines before so they always give her benadryl before her shots, but apparently it wasn't enough this time. So they gave her another one (which worked in a matter of minutes) and sent us home with some tablets for her. She's been asleep most the times she can get comfortable enough to hold still, but she's still kind of lumpy and itchy. Poor pup. Fortunately Bean's leaving her well enough alone though. I think she realizes that somethings up. I did get some pictures of her once we got home. The swelling had already started going down from the shot, but you can still get a pretty good idea of what it looked like. The vet said she looked like a shar-pei. I also put one of her with a normal amount of wrinkle to her skin. :)

Geesh. When Nate and I have kids they better never get sick. I'll be a nervous wreck.

Smooth little normal doxie head.

On the way home from the vet.

Poor little girl with her red puffy eyes and lumpy face. :(

Some of the rather icky bumps left on her head.

It's like you can see her brain through her skin. 

Bean either showing no compassion or trying to get me to stop taking embarrassing pictures of her sis. Izzy didn't move a muscle...

and spent most of the afternoon like this.

Once she started feeling a little better she moved around some. But you can still see some of the bumps on her and her lumpy face.

Bean looking out for Isabelle.

And keeping an eye on her while she rested. :)

Oct 24, 2008

this is why they stay in their kennels during the day

Go visit rubenacker.etsy.com.
Nate gave me a print from this artist a while back for my birthday and I love love love it. So I went back to his store (rubenacker.etsy.com) to see what new boston terrier and dachshund work he had up and found this masterpiece. Yes, it's an illustration, but it's also the most accurate interpretation of my dogs I've ever seen. See that look in "Bean's" eye. She does that. Seriously. The artist, Brian Rubenacker, must have a dachshund duo of his own at home...maybe he has one of Bean's siblings. 

Oct 22, 2008

it's not as long as the car ride...but pretty close

So....It's almost the end of October and I still feel like it should be June. Geesh. Time flies when your having fun (or crazy busy) I guess. September saw a lot of work for Nate and me. We've been busy painting and designing as usual, but we also landed our first BIG photography job. We ended up taking about 2300 pictures for the Conquer the Coast bike ride here in Corpus. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a LOT of editing. We actually pulled our first all-nighter since graduating college. But, I think we both agree though that if we could get more work like this we'd be really happy. I'll post some pictures from the day, but most of them are up on our new photography site/store, rippkephoto.ifp3.com

Bayfest was also in town that weekend. I didn't get down there in time to get a pickle juice sno cone, but we did get to see Bret Michaels in concert. And it was just as awesome and hilarious as I thought it would be. He put on a really good show. If he comes back to town I'm pretty sure we'll go. Oh, and speaking of music. Vanilla Ice is coming to town in a couple of weeks. Not even kidding. You should probably book your trips now. It's going to be hilarious.

The week between CTC and heading back to Iowa Nate and I finished up some painting jobs and tried to get caught up on work so that we wouldn't be stressed during our vacation. Didn't totally work out like we thought it would. The newest issue of The One Bride Guide (the magazine I design for as part of my job) went to press and is now on stands. It's GORGEOUS. And I'm not just saying that because I'm more than a little biased. It really is. Nate and I had left for Iowa before it was done being printed, but Monica overnighted me a couple of copies (thank you!).

Our trip back was short this time. I was a bridesmaid in my good friend Emily's wedding so we headed up for a few days. The wedding was beautiful and as far as I could tell everything went off without a hitch! Congrats again Em and Nick!

It also worked out that we could celebrate my mom's birthday while in town. We tried to throw her a surprise party...wasn't so much a surprise...but it was still worth it because I got to see people and family from out of town that I hadn't seen since last Christmas at the very least (thanks for coming down Dave and Jen!). I have some pictures from the party on my camera still, so those will have to come later. My family and her sorority sisters did surprise her though with a second surprise party on her actual birthday. Nate and I had already left town, but it sounds like it was a good time. Happy birthday Mom and Grandma! Miss you guys!

Nate and my friend, Kevin, rode back with us to Corpus. It was a long 20 hours for him I'm sure. I know I was more than ready to get out of the car. Ugh. We always enjoy having company though. I had to work, but Nate and Kevin hung out at the beach and the Lexington during the days and then came home and showed me all the dumb pictures of themselves they'd taken. Seriously. These two together is like a one liner movie that never ends. Hilarious. And I don't think I've eaten that much Mexican food in one week ever. Kevin said he wanted tacos for every meal. And I'm pretty sure we hit 75% of them at least. We also spent some time up in San Antonio at the Alamo and the river walk before Kevin flew out.

Now it's back to our routines. Which is actually kind of nice...

A rider getting his tires ready for the 65 mile ride. Yes. It was still dark at 6am. And yes, I still HATE getting up early.

A couple of other riders. There were several hundred all together.

The first pack of the 65 mile riders on their way around the bay to Portland.

This guy was quick. Especially coming down a 200 foot tall bridge.

A rather unusual bike. You pump your arms and legs to make it go.

Some of the 25 mile riders with their CTC metals.

This guy on the right dominated the award podium for the time trials. Must be the aerodynamic helmet...

And...the finish line.

So happy to be finished. I would be too if I'd just spent 4 or 5 hours on a bike seat.

Nate with the K.I.D.S campaign sign and logo he designed.

The newest addition to the Rippke Mac family. So lovely.

Nate and Karina at the Bret Michaels concert.

Worst pictures of Bret Michaels ever...but all I had was my phone. Sorry.

The latest (and greatest) issue of The One. Yep, that's Karina on the cover. Pouty lips and all ha.

And then we left for Iowa....

Trying to entertain myself during the 20 hour car ride home to Iowa. I ate so much beef jerky.

And saw soooooooooo much of this. North TX, OK, KS, and IA all look pretty much the same. Flat.

Nate breaking our "no McDonalds" rule to stay caffeinated on the KS turnpike.

And then my good friend, Emily, got married...

So cute together.

Emily holding my fake hair since I chopped mine all off.

Em doing Emily's hair and putting the veil on.

So pretty and calm.

All the bridesmaids. :) Courtesy of Tim. Thanks!

Hanging out during pictures. Courtesy of Tim (the guy sitting on the left) again. I didn't have a camera. :)

Jen on her color coordinating crutches. Andrew being a very good groomsman. Yep...Tim.

Me and Claire at the fountain pictures. And one more from Tim, my groomsman.

Em and Andrew at the wedding. Looking good bro and sis.

Papa Jones looking awesome as usual.

Me and my dad.

Me after the wedding. Look how cute my little bouquet is.

Yay for bridesmaids! And champagne...

Em and Nick cutting their cake. Courtesy of Tim.

And then our friend Kevin came to back to town with us...

And this happened.

And this classic shot. This is the fun that happens while I'm at work. Look at those pointed toes.

Kevin having so much fun in the gulf.

Clearly can't read.

Not sure what's happening here. I didn't get to go to the Lex with them either.

Me and Kevin with Selena.

Izzy and Bean LOVE Kevin.

Me and Kevey on the river walk in San Antonio.

Me and Nate at the Alamo.