Dec 5, 2009

a south texas hallothankgivxmas

We hope everyone's halloween and thanksgiving were fabulous! And that your Christmas season is finding you well. We've had a busy fall/winter...with lots and lots of pictures to do the story telling. We're so thankful to have been blessed with wonderful friends down here in South Texas.

But don't you worry Iowa, we'll be home soon! And a very happy birthday to my dad!! Woo!

Oh, and it snowed here yesterday. SNOW. Yes, all the way down here in Corpus Christi, TX. It may have only been a minute or so of actual flurries, but it still counts. So we'll start out with how the pups are dealing with the cold weather...

Lazily, of course. Izzy's got to stay all wrapped up. Since it's never been turned on, our heater stinks too much to use. It's a little chilly in here. :)

I had it out for my shoulder the other day and Bean discovered the heating pad. She loves it so much I kept it out for her to snuggle with. What doxie doesn't love to be warm?

Carol and Mark Scott were kind enough to invite the Kailo Communications gang and their spouses over for a fabulous holiday dinner.

The Kailo team. Nate's got fantastic co-workers. :)

Our little tree is all ready for Christmas! The dog stockings are hanging on the table under the can't really see them.

We had a church potluck/outside service and I made my first batch of pasta salad. Mmm.

Lazy Saturday. Too cute. I had to include this.

Our wonderful friends Karina and Chase (and both of their families) invited us to join them for Thanksgiving. Chase bought and moved into a gorgeous house just in time to host the celebration. This is us in his backyard with the grapefruit tree.

Fresh grapefruit from the tree in the yard.

Strait from tree to glass...doesn't get much fresher.

In goes the fried turkey! This was Nate and my first fried turkey experience.

Chase with his fried turkey, Karina with her first ever roasted turkey. Delicious!

Getting everything ready to eat.

So much food. SO good. We had EVERYTHING. Mmm.

Everyone around the table.

Video chatting with my grandparents and family back in Iowa on Thanksgiving. Haha, I didn't warn them I was taking this. :) Sorry...

Getting ready for the A&M/UT game. Can't have a party without queso! Seriously. I am addicted to queso.

Day two of eating/celebrating was Chase's bday. Started out the evening with crab legs in the backyard.

The tallest and shortest at the party. So cute.

Karina's grandma Evelyn. :)

The grandkiddos.

A cute little package from my mama. :)

I mentioned that Chase got a new home, but so did Karina. And it is CUTE! She hosted a Halloween eve housewarming party - and made a TON of fabulous food.

Our last minute, low budget Halloween costumes. :) Since I couldn't find the bright yellow hair I needed to be the Lichtenstein painting girl I just went as "pop art."

Nate as "the captain's quarter." I love this. Gotta love an abstract costume.

A toast, to halloween and some seriously awesome friends.

Lizzie as the fabulous Audrey Hepburn.

Karina made us more food.

Chase and Karina, the "cookie scout" and the boy scout.

Out people watching at Aria.

Probably my favorite...

We got a nice one too though. :)

Not sure what Nate is so nervous about.

Since we're eating at home a lot more, we're trying to make it fun at least. Good thing Brooke and Wil are so much fun...and conveniently live across the hall...and have the cutest baby EVER. This night we made homemade pizzas.

It actually ended up being a log harder than we thought haha.

Annsley laughing super hard even though she was sooo tired. Such a cutie!