Nov 16, 2008

go ninja go ninja...go

This weekend Nate and I saw something pretty awesome...and, in fact, not so good. Vanilla Ice. Yep, he was in town, and we couldn't pass it up. Our neighbors, Wil and Brooke, went along with us.

We figured we could all use a blast from the past...and a good cheeseburger. But we seriously waited 2 hours for him to start playing. No idea what took him so long to get his incredibly loud self on stage, but it was actually REALLY annoying. We considered leaving several times. But after waiting an hour, and then an hour and a half, and finally two hours, we didn't want to leave. And we're pretty glad we didn't. I can now say I've seen "Ice Ice Baby" live, and in person. And once is probably enough.

Word to your mother.

Nate, Brooke, and Wil happy that the show finally started.

The best neighbors...and soon to be totally rad parents. :)

Terrible phone picture...but that's him.


Steph said...

You got robbed. Of your life.

:) jk

Mrs. Rippke said...

you're not kidding. haha. said...

He got arrested when he played in Tulsa. He played at the historic Cain's ballroom and ripped down a banner that had been hung for YEARS. It was just one of those things that no one ever moved or touched. Ya know? Well he ripped it down among other jerk-filled doings that night and ended up in jail.

Mrs. Rippke said...

are you serious! what a douche. yeah i kind of felt like "we should get out of here before he does anything too stupid." haha. that sucks though. lame.