Aug 8, 2010

rippkes relocated

Well, we made it! The Rippkes are now Nashvillians. The summer has flown by in a blur of packing, moving, Iowa, family, working, packing, moving, Tennesee, unpacking, starting a business, working, repeat. Actually, only repeat the work part. We're finally settled, unpacked, and finding Nashville to be a very easy place to call home.

We tried to spend as much of our last couple of weeks in Corpus with the wonderful family we gained while there. Saying goodbye to our friends, jobs, and church was so bittersweet. We knew that it was time for us to move on and start something new, but we were so so so blessed in Corpus that it would've been easy to stay comfortable exactly the way things were. It was time for change though. Time to get closer to home, time to venture to a new city, time to set some new goals, time for Rippke Design! But we'll get to that in a bit...

After wrapping things up in Corpus, we spent two days on the road headed towards Iowa. We hadn't seen our families much over the last three years, and decided that since we weren't in any rush we'd head home for a bit to join in some of the summer festivities. We started out with my little brother's high school graduation...and we didn't really stop there. My sister, grandpa, and close family friend all celebrated birthdays in the first couple weeks of us being back. Fortunately we got to see some of the good friends we hadn't seen since before we left for Texas three years ago. Some even longer. I got to spend some time with my "best friend since I was five" and her two little boys. Who are, by the way, the coolest kids ever. I also got to catch up with my best friend since middle school, and even some old teachers. It always amazes me where everyone ends up after all this time.

Oh, and Nate and I celebrated our four year anniversary this past June. Four years! Crazy.

We spent the beginning of July out at the family farm, and up in the twin cities. Nate had a show with the Sons of the Republic up in St. Paul...something that hadn't happened in over three years, but definitely needs to be a more regular occurrence. We always have a great time with the guys. And who doesn't love the twin cities?

Out at the farm my dad taught me to drive the '64 John Deer. So, I'm basically ready to be a farmer. Ok maybe not, but I didn't crash it, stall it, or run it off any roads, so I think that counts for something right? We hadn't seen Iowa NOT covered in snow in three's lovely. I highly recommend taking a trip to Iowa if you've never been. But go during spring or something, not during winter. Unless that's your thing.

Unlike our move to Corpus, we had help this time. Awesome help. My mom, grandma, and papa loaded up the minivan and followed our Penske South! We spent a few days unloading, unwrapping, washing, organizing, shopping, and eating. Lots of yummy eating. Nashville has pretty much anything you could possibly need. Or want. Which has proven to be a weakness for Nate and I. You'd think living just a few miles from Dave Ramsey's radio studio would be a constant reminder to buckle down. But there are shows, and farmer's markets, and shopping, and tons of food, and and and...well, like I said, weakness. But we're getting better. The ridiculous heat has kept us inside for most of the time since we've been here. Which is probably helping.

Now, back to the business part of our time here! Part of the reason we decided to relocate was to expand our wedding invitation business, Izzy and the Bean Design, and to venture out as freelancers/form our own graphic and web design firm, Rippke Design.

And we are thrilled.

Thrilled to be working together. Thrilled to be working in this city. Thrilled for what's ahead! We recently launched our new site, and are busy at work refining our goals for Rippke Design. Our third weekend here was spent attending our first Nashville bridal show. It was a great way to meet local couples, and introduce ourselves to several of the other wedding vendors from the area.

We're finding that we like it here. Our friends, the Thackers, are helping us get adjusted, and we've had some luck finding a church to call home. Once it cools off a bit I suspect our neighbors will be out and about more. And hopefully, now that we're closer to Iowa, we'll be around more often and miss out on less.

And maybe have a few more visitors? Hmm? Yes, yes you should come visit. Now then, pictures, lots of pictures. This is what happens when you don't keep up on this sort of thing...

Our last weekend in Corpus.

Our last day in Corpus. Lunch with the City Church crew.

My Corpus lady friends. :)

We miss these guys.

Saying farewell to the City Church family.

Our Corpus scrapbook. Thanks Mendy! :)

Packed up and leaving Corpus.

Heading to Iowa!


Breakfast at the Grove Cafe - Ames, Iowa

One mighty big pancake. Grove Cafe.

My bestest friend since I was five. And her cuuuuuuute lil boys.

Lil bro's graduation day.

Gpa and Gma Drapal.

Our anniversary.

Sons of the Republic at the Turf Club.

Yep, I married a rock star.

Sons getting some post show fried goodness at Mickey's Diner.

Dad teaching me how to drive the John Deer.

Swinging out at the farm with papa and my sis.

Dad, sis, and me on the tractor.

All the kiddos.

Nate's parents, Nate, my mom, Cathy, Anne, and Grace. Enjoying the evening out at the farm.

Visiting the Dass family in Sioux City, Iowa.

Heading to Tennessee! Izzy and Bean on the drive down. They sleep the WHOLE way. Which is fantastic.

Heading into downtown Nashville.

My new Waffle House mug. Thanks Nate. :)

Hanging out downtown Franklin, the suburb we live in.

Took our first trip to Grimey's.

Izzy loves our new home in Franklin.

So does Bean. Laziest.

Took a trip to the Yazoo brewery here in town. That's some mighty fine pale ale in that growler.

Nate setting up at the wedding fair!