Nov 11, 2008

tedde: the contemporary bear store

K, Nate and I love these guys. If you're looking for something unique, fun, and cuddly for someone this holiday season you should definitely check these guys out. Besides the fact that they are continuously updating their NY based shop with wonderfully creative bears, their beautiful graphic design (wink), and their lovable sense of humor, they're just down right nice people making bed times everywhere a little more tedde at a time. Go visit them here.

And now, a word from the geniuses:
It's true. We're stuffed. We're bears. Yep, we're stuffed bears. The difference? We are stuffed with personality, charisma, character, charm. And we're stuffed with love. In fact, we're full of love. And a little gas. Hi, we're Tedde!

Tedde is giving the traditional teddy bear a makeover with updated designs and mischievous personalities. We messed with the spelling, but it sounds just like teddy!

Tedde believes teddy bears shouldn't look and feel like they just fell off an assembly line, so its mission is to rid the world of factory-made bear clones. Just say to no to factory made! Tedde works with designers and artists to create new Tedde designs. Teddes are manufactured in collaboration with individual artists and sewing cooperatives.

The Tedde collection includes Teddes, Tedde Gold, Bear Food and Tiny Teddes for your pocket. Teddes are limited production and constructed by hand with textiles like mohair, felt, wool, handspun yarn, vinyl, silk, canvas, recycled cotton, linen and cashmere.

Tedde HQ is located in Manhattan's garment district. Schedule an appointment to come by and meet the Teddes. Hey Vermont, it's New York calling and we're taking back the teddy bear! During the Holidays, drop off your old teddy bear at Tedde HQ and we'll give you $5 off a brand new Tedde.

If you're not local, visit and return often! Limited editions, exclusively ours (and yours), never identical and always made by hand. Otherwise, it's just a teddy. Tedde is dedicated to creativity and innovation in teddy bear design.

By the way, does your stuffed bear make you look cool at school, or stand out at an important birthday party, like when you show up with a killer gift? And while we're on the subject, are you proud to tell your friends who you sleep with? You are if you own a Tedde.

My new favorite. 4 Eyes. Go visit him! 

2 comments: said...

I'm thinking uncle nate and aunt ashley need to bring some of these to three special girls now living in oklahoma for christmas. *wink wink*

Mrs. Rippke said...

haha agreed :)