Jan 26, 2008

new year's resolution...eat more nutella

This week started with a day off for me (yea!). Nate worked so the puppies and I spent the day lounging around the apartment. The weather was still rainy and cold so it was good laziness conditions.

Nate had one of his reviews at work this week. Sounds like it went really really well.  They figured out his "top five strengths" (he's a futurist), talked more about his role at Kailo, and what all he'd like to learn.  I'm really proud of him.  Obviously I know what a hard worker and great person he is, but it's always nice to hear it from other people you like and respect.  

We also went to the mayor's State of the City speech this week.  There were a ton of people there from various different companies around town.  We (McLeod that is) sat at a talbe with some CITGO folks, which was on the completely opposite side of the room from Nate and the Kailo ladies, but we still got to say hi and talk for a copule of minutes.  I know we're new to the town, but I really enjoy the fact that we could eventually get more and more involved in the city.  There's a lot of potential, and Nate and I want to be a part of that.

This weekend was mostly consumed with watching The Godfather trilogy and eating Nutella while iChatting with my sister, but we did manage to get out of the house a few time.  Instead of going to Utopia Friday night, like usual, we went over to"the island" and hung out with Nate's former boss from Disc-go-round.  The weather wasn't nice enough to sit out on the water, but the music conversation was good, and we hope to hang out again soon...or at least play some Magic the Gathering together. Yeah, kinda nerdy.

We also checked out some other apartments around the city, but have decided nothing else is as good as the place we live...so we're going to stay here.  We are, however, going to move into a larger apartment.  We'll find out tomorrow if we have to wait until our lease is up in June, or if we can just transfer it over to the other unit.  Hopefully we can move soon.  I love our apartment, we just need more room.

Unlike the last two weeks, the weather today was perfect.  After church we decided to hang out by the water and walk down the sea wall.  It's still surreal (and nice) to live so close to the bay.  For dinner we headed to Kingsville to meet our friends, "the lovemades," and have one of the best fried chicken sandwiches ever.  EVER.  Check out the pics.  Hazel is seriously the coolest kid I've ever known.

Nate and me at the beach.

Me out on the sea wall with part of the city behind me.

Nate and Corpus Christi...so cute together. :)

A look back after a little walk down the sea wall.

The downtown/uptown and part of the bay.

My super awesome husband.

I basically work right where the tip of my head points.

Me walking along the wall.

A picture of us together...kind of.

Me and Courtney's baby Caroline. So sleepy and sweet.

Hazel...the most hilarious kid EVER.

Nate and baby Bean squinting super hard together.

Looking at his photos of people we miss on our new TV.

Izzy resting her hand on Bean's head.

Looking dignified.

Bean laying in the sun.

She was trying to get the whole bone in her mouth.

Mmm. Plastic.

Fighting over who gets to lay in the sun. Izzy sticking her tongue out at me.

Bean was sad that she couldn't go past the gate and get outside.

Jan 18, 2008

guess what a hiatal hernia is...yo sis!

It's been busy, yet uneventful, around here this week. Nate's been working hard and late on a project almost every night. I'm glad to have him home with me and the puppies tonight though. We went out for our usual Friday night dinner at Utopia and are trying to figure out if we want to watch a movie or play the new wii game we got in the mail from Nate's parents.  As for now, I'm talking to my sis on the ichat.  Uh, her stomach is kinda in her throat (ok, her esophagus). Gross.  And sucky.  

Mardi Gras starts in a couple of weeks. We're still busy planning and trying to get everything done in time. You can check out the events (and the logo) at dtowncc.com or myspace.com/mardigrasindtown. Monica, my boss, has been crowned Mardi Gras Queen this year. Woo hoo! And Nate's birthday also falls during that week, so it should be a pretty fun week long party for all of us! Besides that, it's been a really great way for us to get to meet people and learn more about the city. Corpus is so close to being a really awesome, it's just going to take a group of people doing stuff like this to get it off the ground. I'm pretty glad I can be a part of it. I also went to the CC Film Society mixer at The House of Rock last night. A couple of the people in the Mardi Gras committee are involved with it. It was good to get out of the house...especially since Nate was at work. I do too much talking to the dogs as it is.

Izzy's doing much better. The meds and her prescription food seem to be doing the trick so far. Bean's getting bigger every day. Part of me wants her to stay a puppy forever, but part of me just wants her to grow up and be able to do the same things as Izzy...like sleeping with us. They're getting closer to each other every day. There's still a lot of rough housing, but it's improving anyways.

I've finally got a start on pictures (during lunch today) of Nate's creative projects from the last couple of months . I know they're pretty poor quality, but it's been gloomy here all week and the lighting was really really bad. So...sorry. The next round of his work will have better pictures, I promise. It may be a little while though. The projects are pretty huge and still in progress.  Oh, and I've borrowed a picture from someone (thanks whoever you are) of the Sons of the Republic show in Minneapolis.  I didn't have my camera with me.  

The SOTR show in MN over Xmas.  Thanks for the pic Shaun...and whoever actually took it.

Bean and Izzy sleeping together again. :)

A website Nate designed for a shopping center here in town.

The Kaillo Christmas CD Nate designed.

A sign for the Methodist Church.  This wasn't actually part of his job...but something he put together.

A Christmas card for a company here in Corpus.

Jan 11, 2008

my sister and i used to sleep head to toe too

Ok, this is a big deal for us.  Bean and Izzy are sleeping in the same bed.  Look at how cute that is.  They finally stopped chewing on each other and decided to rest. Thanks to Mom and Grace for you gifts of blankets and bed!

70,000 cuts finally take flight

We've been busy here at the studio this week. We've started doing some custom invitations and had a huge one to work on this week. Very cool. And very time consuming. We've spent most of the week tracing, cutting, and gluing. I'll take a picture on Monday, but you can see the mock up at mcleodcreativeblog.squarespace.com/. If you're wondering where the title of this entry comes from this is it...I'm not exaggerating. They look great, but I think we're all pretty glad it's the weekend.

We had our first video conversation with my family since they gave us the Mac Book Pro. Pretty awesome. It's great to be able to talk to them like that and see my whole family. My brother gave us a little dance show, which I took screen shots of for you all to enjoy.  Thanks Mom and Dad! It's the best! Can't wait to talk again soon!

Izzy and Bean were at the vet this week. Bean just had to get her shots, but Izzy was sick again. Looks like she's going to have to stay on her prescription food. She has a sensitive tummy. They're getting along better every day now. Bean is growing into such a cutie! 

No big plans for us this weekend. We might meet up with a friend and play some Magic, but other than that we're just going to hang out in our super clean apartment (yea!), enjoy the 70 degree weather, and watch some LOST before the next season starts in a couple of weeks.

Bean in her blanket that my mom made her her. So cozy.

Izzy sleeping in a cave she made herself from her blanket my mom made her.
Izzy and Bean testing out the new gate we got from Nate's parents. It's awesome.

My brother being weird on the iMac. I was cracking up.

Here ya go Andrew.  Sick. There's a little "chin B" in this one.

Fun with photobooth video.

Jan 9, 2008

hang it on your fridge mom

Well we're back in Texas! The drive was long and uncomfortable. But the puppies were great and slept 95% of the time. It was really good to see family and friends, and sad to leave, but it's also nice to be back in our routine. And I can't complain about the weather...it's a beautiful 73 degrees. Ah, warmth. Oh, and we're back to eating Mexican food pretty much every day.

So here it is parents and grandparents...some of the work I've been doing since I moved down here to Texas. I promise we'll get Nate's up as soon as we get the files ready. And here are a couple of pics of the pups too. They're doing well and getting used to each other. Bean is far better potty trained than Izzy ever has been. No that's not a typo. Bean is very good about going potty outside even though she's only 12 weeks old. She really needs to teach her big sister a thing or two.

Izzy posing all pretty.

Bean asleep in her new bed Grace gave her. She always falls asleep in it. She's such a sleepy pup when she's not attacking her sister.

Hot Dog posters for the Boar's Head stand at the baseball field.

The logo for Mardi Gras on the Marina here in Corpus.

Pretty cool program. www.wildernessodyssey.com

Part of Wilderness Odyssey. www.youthodyssey.com

A book cover design.

Covers for local publication, FYI

Our McLeod Creative folders. Mmm recycled and screen printed!

Some work from a magazine I work on.

A wedding website.

A website idea for The Ritz Theater Revival. It's not up yet.

A logo design for a Christian health center here in Corpus.

A direct mail piece for a construction company. Only 3 of 6 have been designed so far.

The McLeod Creative website.