Feb 20, 2009

the addys: an update

And took some pretty awesome photobooth pictures courtesy of Image Cinema. Probably the highlight of the night.

The gold Addy we won for the McLeod Creative Elevator wrap. Yay! Photo taken by Monica on her super awesome red diner booth. I need to find one of these somewhere.

Feb 14, 2009

do dogs kiss and hug in x's and o's?

Sending you some puppy love today. After all...Valentine's is kind of lame...but puppies are not.

Ok, so really crappy photoshop brush hearts are lame too...buuuuut, it just felt right.

our valentines

Beanie lovey. :)

Feb 5, 2009

dachshund photo of the week: beanie ween

It's been a little while...but don't worry, they're still super cute. :) Bean get's the spotlight this week. She was a little more camera friendly.