Jan 9, 2008

hang it on your fridge mom

Well we're back in Texas! The drive was long and uncomfortable. But the puppies were great and slept 95% of the time. It was really good to see family and friends, and sad to leave, but it's also nice to be back in our routine. And I can't complain about the weather...it's a beautiful 73 degrees. Ah, warmth. Oh, and we're back to eating Mexican food pretty much every day.

So here it is parents and grandparents...some of the work I've been doing since I moved down here to Texas. I promise we'll get Nate's up as soon as we get the files ready. And here are a couple of pics of the pups too. They're doing well and getting used to each other. Bean is far better potty trained than Izzy ever has been. No that's not a typo. Bean is very good about going potty outside even though she's only 12 weeks old. She really needs to teach her big sister a thing or two.

Izzy posing all pretty.

Bean asleep in her new bed Grace gave her. She always falls asleep in it. She's such a sleepy pup when she's not attacking her sister.

Hot Dog posters for the Boar's Head stand at the baseball field.

The logo for Mardi Gras on the Marina here in Corpus.

Pretty cool program. www.wildernessodyssey.com

Part of Wilderness Odyssey. www.youthodyssey.com

A book cover design.

Covers for local publication, FYI

Our McLeod Creative folders. Mmm recycled and screen printed!

Some work from a magazine I work on.

A wedding website.

A website idea for The Ritz Theater Revival. It's not up yet.

A logo design for a Christian health center here in Corpus.

A direct mail piece for a construction company. Only 3 of 6 have been designed so far.

The McLeod Creative website.

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