Jan 11, 2008

70,000 cuts finally take flight

We've been busy here at the studio this week. We've started doing some custom invitations and had a huge one to work on this week. Very cool. And very time consuming. We've spent most of the week tracing, cutting, and gluing. I'll take a picture on Monday, but you can see the mock up at mcleodcreativeblog.squarespace.com/. If you're wondering where the title of this entry comes from this is it...I'm not exaggerating. They look great, but I think we're all pretty glad it's the weekend.

We had our first video conversation with my family since they gave us the Mac Book Pro. Pretty awesome. It's great to be able to talk to them like that and see my whole family. My brother gave us a little dance show, which I took screen shots of for you all to enjoy.  Thanks Mom and Dad! It's the best! Can't wait to talk again soon!

Izzy and Bean were at the vet this week. Bean just had to get her shots, but Izzy was sick again. Looks like she's going to have to stay on her prescription food. She has a sensitive tummy. They're getting along better every day now. Bean is growing into such a cutie! 

No big plans for us this weekend. We might meet up with a friend and play some Magic, but other than that we're just going to hang out in our super clean apartment (yea!), enjoy the 70 degree weather, and watch some LOST before the next season starts in a couple of weeks.

Bean in her blanket that my mom made her her. So cozy.

Izzy sleeping in a cave she made herself from her blanket my mom made her.
Izzy and Bean testing out the new gate we got from Nate's parents. It's awesome.

My brother being weird on the iMac. I was cracking up.

Here ya go Andrew.  Sick. There's a little "chin B" in this one.

Fun with photobooth video.

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