Jan 26, 2008

new year's resolution...eat more nutella

This week started with a day off for me (yea!). Nate worked so the puppies and I spent the day lounging around the apartment. The weather was still rainy and cold so it was good laziness conditions.

Nate had one of his reviews at work this week. Sounds like it went really really well.  They figured out his "top five strengths" (he's a futurist), talked more about his role at Kailo, and what all he'd like to learn.  I'm really proud of him.  Obviously I know what a hard worker and great person he is, but it's always nice to hear it from other people you like and respect.  

We also went to the mayor's State of the City speech this week.  There were a ton of people there from various different companies around town.  We (McLeod that is) sat at a talbe with some CITGO folks, which was on the completely opposite side of the room from Nate and the Kailo ladies, but we still got to say hi and talk for a copule of minutes.  I know we're new to the town, but I really enjoy the fact that we could eventually get more and more involved in the city.  There's a lot of potential, and Nate and I want to be a part of that.

This weekend was mostly consumed with watching The Godfather trilogy and eating Nutella while iChatting with my sister, but we did manage to get out of the house a few time.  Instead of going to Utopia Friday night, like usual, we went over to"the island" and hung out with Nate's former boss from Disc-go-round.  The weather wasn't nice enough to sit out on the water, but the music conversation was good, and we hope to hang out again soon...or at least play some Magic the Gathering together. Yeah, kinda nerdy.

We also checked out some other apartments around the city, but have decided nothing else is as good as the place we live...so we're going to stay here.  We are, however, going to move into a larger apartment.  We'll find out tomorrow if we have to wait until our lease is up in June, or if we can just transfer it over to the other unit.  Hopefully we can move soon.  I love our apartment, we just need more room.

Unlike the last two weeks, the weather today was perfect.  After church we decided to hang out by the water and walk down the sea wall.  It's still surreal (and nice) to live so close to the bay.  For dinner we headed to Kingsville to meet our friends, "the lovemades," and have one of the best fried chicken sandwiches ever.  EVER.  Check out the pics.  Hazel is seriously the coolest kid I've ever known.

Nate and me at the beach.

Me out on the sea wall with part of the city behind me.

Nate and Corpus Christi...so cute together. :)

A look back after a little walk down the sea wall.

The downtown/uptown and part of the bay.

My super awesome husband.

I basically work right where the tip of my head points.

Me walking along the wall.

A picture of us together...kind of.

Me and Courtney's baby Caroline. So sleepy and sweet.

Hazel...the most hilarious kid EVER.

Nate and baby Bean squinting super hard together.

Looking at his photos of people we miss on our new TV.

Izzy resting her hand on Bean's head.

Looking dignified.

Bean laying in the sun.

She was trying to get the whole bone in her mouth.

Mmm. Plastic.

Fighting over who gets to lay in the sun. Izzy sticking her tongue out at me.

Bean was sad that she couldn't go past the gate and get outside.

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