Jan 18, 2008

guess what a hiatal hernia is...yo sis!

It's been busy, yet uneventful, around here this week. Nate's been working hard and late on a project almost every night. I'm glad to have him home with me and the puppies tonight though. We went out for our usual Friday night dinner at Utopia and are trying to figure out if we want to watch a movie or play the new wii game we got in the mail from Nate's parents.  As for now, I'm talking to my sis on the ichat.  Uh, her stomach is kinda in her throat (ok, her esophagus). Gross.  And sucky.  

Mardi Gras starts in a couple of weeks. We're still busy planning and trying to get everything done in time. You can check out the events (and the logo) at dtowncc.com or myspace.com/mardigrasindtown. Monica, my boss, has been crowned Mardi Gras Queen this year. Woo hoo! And Nate's birthday also falls during that week, so it should be a pretty fun week long party for all of us! Besides that, it's been a really great way for us to get to meet people and learn more about the city. Corpus is so close to being a really awesome, it's just going to take a group of people doing stuff like this to get it off the ground. I'm pretty glad I can be a part of it. I also went to the CC Film Society mixer at The House of Rock last night. A couple of the people in the Mardi Gras committee are involved with it. It was good to get out of the house...especially since Nate was at work. I do too much talking to the dogs as it is.

Izzy's doing much better. The meds and her prescription food seem to be doing the trick so far. Bean's getting bigger every day. Part of me wants her to stay a puppy forever, but part of me just wants her to grow up and be able to do the same things as Izzy...like sleeping with us. They're getting closer to each other every day. There's still a lot of rough housing, but it's improving anyways.

I've finally got a start on pictures (during lunch today) of Nate's creative projects from the last couple of months . I know they're pretty poor quality, but it's been gloomy here all week and the lighting was really really bad. So...sorry. The next round of his work will have better pictures, I promise. It may be a little while though. The projects are pretty huge and still in progress.  Oh, and I've borrowed a picture from someone (thanks whoever you are) of the Sons of the Republic show in Minneapolis.  I didn't have my camera with me.  

The SOTR show in MN over Xmas.  Thanks for the pic Shaun...and whoever actually took it.

Bean and Izzy sleeping together again. :)

A website Nate designed for a shopping center here in town.

The Kaillo Christmas CD Nate designed.

A sign for the Methodist Church.  This wasn't actually part of his job...but something he put together.

A Christmas card for a company here in Corpus.

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