May 23, 2009

spring cleaning's not just for the closet

In case you were worried that we weren't obsessed enough with our dogs, here are some more pictures of them just to prove that, yes, we even think they're adorable when nakie. And yes, we document everything these dogs do. Just wait until we have kids some day! Good thing digital cameras were invented.

But they are cute. Admit it.

Izzy gettin' all cleaned up. They're not really fans of the tub.

All sudsy. 

Bean still yelling about us getting her all wet. Not happy.

Nakie Izzy! So cute.

Wrinkle neck.

She's such a lady.

Bean finally chilling out. 

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BellaCene said...

How cute! I have a daschund too :) There's some pictures of him in my blog... somewhere. lol :)