May 25, 2009

ok mother nature, i get it, sunscreen is good

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hopefully you found some fun and rest on your day off if you got one. Nate and I spent the day with friends at the beach. An event all too rare considering we live less than five minutes from it. It was a beautiful day here in South Texas, and the constant breeze made it all too easy for me to disregard the sun as hot. In case you don't know...I'm pale. 

And now pretty sunburny.


Totally worth it though.

Nate and I at the beach.

Nate, Chase, and Terrell with the pups. Our dogs did not get to go. Can you imagine Bean at the beach for multiple hours? Think of all of the nastiness she'd eat. Uck.

Me and Karina. This is a good illustration of how pale I was.

Terrell and Chase with the all important cooler.

There were about a million people down the seashore today. And quite a bit of seaweed actually.

And pain. My legs are the worst. Ouch. Thank goodness our neighbors had some aloe vera.

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