May 21, 2009

check for beach bugs when you're done in there

Happy long weekend everyone! Well...hopefully you get a long weekend. Nate and I are lucky enough to have one, and I know we'll spend most of it catching up on rest, some projects, and things around the house we've been meaning to do for a while. Maybe that painting...?

The best news of the week is that my family is coming to visit over the fourth! Woo Hoo! Pretty excited about that. We LOVE company. And we're getting a bunch this time. It's kind of become a tradition for my mom to be here for the fourth. Can't break it now!

Nate's been taking a bunch of pictures this week. He's been out in the island dunes shooting pictures of a gorgeous beach house, at a Junior Achievement hall of fame dinner, and at Corpus Christi's second Social Media Club meeting...well, we both attended that...but Nate has taken on a leadership role in the group. I mostly just have fun. :)

Izzy and Bean are doing well. Not a whole lot is new with them. Just cute as ever and excited for company to come and give them lots of hugs and kisses. 

Happy birthday to my little sis! Wooooooo! Miss you and love you! We'll celebrate when you get down here in a month.

PS, if you haven't seen Star Trek go see it. Pure awesomeness. 

Nate in the dunes. House is somewhere to the right I'm assuming. :) Thanks for snapping this picture Krystal (Nate's newest fabulous co-worker)!

Everyone at smccc hanging out before the meeting.

Krystal, Michelle, Nicki and me talking about some tweets and such.

Michelle: friend, communications director for The Chamber of Commerce, and my fellow Dave Ramsey fan/cheerleader. Go Dave!

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