Sep 7, 2008

club in the car, cont.

I know I already uploaded some pics from The One Kick Off party, but we just got the professional pictures back last week so I wanted to post some of them too. HUGE thank you to New Wave Photography (thanks Rob and Amanda!) for these pictures. If you're in the coastal bend and need a photographer check them out. Nicest people ever.

There are a couple of other pictures from last week. Nate painted our sunroom...and the dogs and I watched.. :) 

Yeah, the title of this one's pretty uncreative. Forgive me. I'm tired...

Me and Nate. Thanks Rob for the first decent pic of us in a long while. :)

The best looking design/sales/PR team in town! 

Yes. We arrived in a limo.  And it was awesome. This is the beautiful Karina's paparazzi shot.

Our fabulous boss, Monica, back from Europe in style.

I swear I really do have 2 legs...the other one is just still in limo ha.

"Club in the car" Catherine. She's pretty fantastic. Buy an ad from her. Do it. 

Havana Club provided some cigar guys. Love the white suits. 

All of us arriving at the party.

A delicious cake by Simply Elegant. Coconut frosting with pineapple filling. Mmmm.

Some beautiful centerpieces by the Blossom Shop. 

Nate painted our sunroom a lovely red color. And they put our fan up! Yay for cool air!

Bean babe. 

Izzy and her favorite bone.

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