Aug 30, 2008

we got the club in the car

The One Bride Guide has officially been celebrated! Congrats to Monica and everyone involved in making this magazine a HUGE success! We had our kick off party this week and it was fantastic. This great little venue, "The Courtyard at Gaslight Square," hosted it and we had some wonderful wedding vendors from around the area donate their time and services to help decorate the reception area in a Havana theme. It was really lovely, and a TON of fun. The crew of "The One" arrived at the party in a limo, and Monica had gotten champagne for us to start the celebration. Pretty classy stuff. Now it's time to get to work though...we've got the next issue to get out!

Well, Nate and I are heading to Austin to spend some of the long weekend with Rachel. SO glad she moved down here. We love having her so close!! Much better than 20 hours away... 

Nate and I in the courtyard.

Monica classing up the joint.

They got the club in the car for sure.

Me and two of the best co-workers ever, Catherine and Karina.

Monica at the party with a large format print of the first issue's cover. Photo courtesy of Third Coast Photo,

Our boys cleaning up after the party. Love this picture.

Karina and Nate finishing up the party at Havana Club.

The cover models (and two very cool people) for our next issue. Karina and Jason.

Karina and I found this while driving around one day...a car dragging a huge chunk of a tree. Welcome to Texas.

Dachshund photo of the week: Thanks mom Rippke for the bday present! I'll put it next to my dachshund dressed as corn. Now I have an Iowa dachshund and a TX dachshund. Haha.

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