Sep 15, 2008

heading for the hills

Last week Nate and I evacuated from CC for the first time. It looked like Ike was headed strait for us so we packed up and headed to Austin to stay with Rachel for a few days. Fortunately, the storm took a sharp turn North and we didn't get any of the bad weather down here...I'm not even sure that it rained. We feel pretty lucky though. I just got an email from an acquaintance in the Houston area who's house didn't make it through the storm. Pretty sad.

The pups took the trip with us also. :) No way would we leave them to fend for themselves during the storm!! They LOVE Rachel. And even though they're glad to be home, I think they miss her...especially Bean. Someday we'll be closer. Nate and I love the Austin area. We visited the bakery Rachel's working at. They have some delicious food, and the desserts are pretty amazing. I took some pictures. Check out the rose cupcake things. Holy cow. The pictures are all from my new and AWESOME phone. I don't have a flash, so some of them are pretty dark. But they'll do.

This is where Rachel makes delicious cookies and such. Mmm.

Yeah. That's all frosting. And so pretty. 

Some cookies Rachel made. So cute! :) And yummy. I ate a ghost. Shh.

Mmm some tall cakes.

Nate and Rachel downtown.

Evacuation buddies.

The view from on top of a hill where some super nice apartments are.

These are them.

The driveway of the apartments. LOVE this area of town.

Some boats and a cute tiny cafe on lake Austin.

Our apt all boarded up. A lot of the city looks like this.

DACHSHUND PICS OF LAST WEEK (whops, didn't have internet in Austin)
Izzy and Bean taking a nap together. Well, they were asleep until I got off the couch.

Me and Izzy getting ready for some zzzzzz's.

Cutest dog ever.

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