Nov 4, 2007

now that we're grown-ups nate can paint for fun

Since we were hanging around the apartment tending to a sick puppy all weekend we decided to do some work around the place. There's still a lot to be done, but this was the first big task we've taken on (besides getting moved in in June), and actually it didn't take us all that long.

We've been wanting to paint in the living room for a while now, so today it finally happened. It's awesome! And very's actually quite calming...but GREEN. We've bought some paint for the kitchen so maybe we'll work on that next weekend, but here are the pictures for now.

It's green. Really green.

Nate painting the tall stuff.

I helped...but mostly the close to the ground stuff.

Izzy was sad. But she wanted to eat the paint...

I'm having so much fun painting this wall!

Yea! We finished it!

So pretty.

Everything put back together. We love it!

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