Nov 5, 2007

she's lucky she's so cute

Well, Izzy's got an irritated infection in her tummy. The vet said that she probably ate something and it just irritated her stomach more and more until it became the stinkiest, most rotten insides you've ever smelt in your life (not his exact words). But seriously, she's a stinky, sick, pup. He gave her a shot and we have a couple medicines to give her over the next few days. It turns out they do have something similar to Imodium for dogs. She's also on an antibiotic. He said if it doesn't get better basically by tomorrow night that we need to bring her back in and they'll need to run more tests. I hope this works and she gets better because 1. she is so sore and sad and 2. because she cost us $120 today ($170 if you count the flea stuff for the next 3 months). Yep, bummer. They should make health insurance for dachshunds. It's always something...

She's lucky our world revolves around her sweet little face.

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