Nov 3, 2007

do they make puppy imodium?

I think I jinxed myself yesterday. It is currently 90 degrees in our apartment. We literally slept with an ice pack last night. I guess the cold front is over. Hopefully another one will head in soon. I really like having the windows open instead of using the air. Nonetheless, the AC is back on.

Izzy is a sick pup today. We don't think she got into anything weird, but our apartment did not smell very good when we woke up this (at 7:30 on my Saturday!). It's pretty nasty, but fortunately Nate is a super awesome puppy dad...and husband. Nate just called our favorite vet, his dad, to see if we should be doing anything. He said to keep a close eye on her and make sure she stays hydrated. I think this dog just really wants to see the ER clinic down here. She never causes any trouble during the week when we could go to the regular vet.

Pup pup taking a nap. She's snuggling her bunny.

Nate and Izzy making squinty kissy faces.

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