Nov 10, 2007

gimme some beads!

Once again the week flew by. It was pretty uneventful around here. We've been trying to save up for when our friends and family come down so we can have fun while they're here. Less than a week now! Hopefully the weather will be nice and sunny. It looks like it should be.

I've been invited to be on the committee for the 'Corpus Christi Mardi Gras on the Marina.' I'm really excited about it. It should be a lot of fun and a good way to meet people and get involved in the community. It's right at the beginning of February, but besides that, I know very little about the actual event. I'll learn more about it when the meetings start next week.

This Friday after work we had a "McLeod Creative Happy Hour." Monica planned it and brought some snacks and drinks. We all just hung around for a couple hours chatting about the city and meeting new people. We also got some tips on good places to eat!

Of course this morning we went to Elva's for the hugest, cheapest, best breakfast ever. We go every Saturday. I should really take a picture of how huge these breakfast tacos are. It's awesome. We eat them around 10 in the morning and aren't hungry again until dinner. Mmm. Most of the rest of today was spent "simplifying" our apartment and driving around town exploring new areas. Tonight we're going to meet some friends to play some BINGO. Oh yeah, BINGO. Pretty excited about it. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Lily Bean is about four weeks old now. Here's the latest picture of her from the breeder. She is so cute! We can't wait to get her!! Less than five weeks!

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