Nov 14, 2007

so, what color is your dot dabber?

None of us won at BINGO. Big surprise, I know. Although Nate did get pretty close on a couple of the blackout boards that were worth $700. Most of the people there were older Hispanic ladies, but it was super fun, and Nate and I both played all night for six dollars total. Pretty awesome. We'll probably go back again sometime. I kept my dot dabber.

Sunday we went over to my boss and her husband's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was really delicious. She made the best baked brie and cream cheese appetizer ever. I'll have to make it for everyone at Christmas time while I'm back in Iowa. I really am thankful for my job and the people that I work with. It's been such a great environment to go to everyday, and the work is pretty great too. Maybe at the end of the year I'll post an entry of projects I've worked on in the last six months...some of the web stuff should be up by then.

Izzy was back at the vet today (that dog is trying to bleed my bank account dry). She's gotten better, but she's not back to normal yet. The vet ran a couple more test and put her on an allergy free food. She also got a couple new medicines. One should balance out the bacteria in her digestive system and the other will take care of any parasites that may not have shown up in the tests. She feels a ton better, and acts normal, so hopefully this solves it. Otherwise we'll have to go back for blood tests next week. I just hope she gets better soon. We don't like seeing her sick. Poor baby.

Bean is growing up to be quite a cutie! We got new pictures from the breeder today. She's just about five weeks old now. We're so excited to get her!!

Rachel and Jamie get here soon. Rachel gets here in just about 36 hours! I took the day off on Friday so Nate and I can go pick her up from the airport and hang out. Yea! We rented a carpet cleaner tonight and got the apartment all cleaned up. With Izzy being sick a couple weeks ago the carpet had taken a bit of a beating. It's a lot better now.

We got our latest electric bill this week. It's half what it has been! Yea! It definitely helps to not have 90 degree weather all the time. Although today, in the middle of November, it was 86 degrees. We ate lunch in the park and actually sat in the shade because we were too hot in the sun. What a change from November in Iowa. We love it! I hope it stays warm for when our guests are here. I know Rachel wants to get a tan.

Nate with one of his losing BINGO games.

Lily Bean at 5 weeks old. Look at how cute she is!!

Nate and Izzy playing tug.

An odd picture of the three of us.

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