Nov 2, 2007

getting my head out of the clouds is not a possibility

Well, the cool weather has kind of lasted. It's back into the low 80's, but I'll take that over 90 any day. At least we're able to keep our air conditioner off still...although, any warmer and it might have to come back on. This week has been pretty uneventful. Halloween was lame this year. We didn't end up doing anything or dressing up. Maybe next year...

It's been kind of a pain driving to work the last couple of days. Corpus Christi is literally in a cloud. When I went out side the first morning it happened my first thought was "holy cow, it snowed," but then I remembered that five months ago I moved to the very Southern edge of the a white sky probably doesn't mean snow. Of course it wasn't snow. Just the thickest fog I've ever seen. Visibility in the mornings is literally less than a block. I got some pictures of it in downtown this morning. I wish I could have gotten some of the really long docks that just disappear. It's pretty eerie, especially since you can't see the ocean at all.

Two weeks from today company (Rachel, Jamie, and some of my family) start arriving! Which means it's only three weeks until I go to the Lake Austin Spa!! Nate and I are pretty excited to have someone else to talk to besides ourselves...and the dog. Although, like I've said before, I do really enjoy it just being us most of the time. Especially since we're in the same career field now. The conversation is always of interest to both of us. Oh, and we've started playing Magic again. I know, super nerdy, but we have a lot of free time without all the homework and socializing that we used to do. Now, if I just had all my old cards we could really get nerdy...but for now we'll just have to play with what we have. Ok, that's enough.

Our friend Courtney that lives in Kingsville, TX (about 45 min away from CC) is having her baby on Monday so Nate and I will be babysitting her two dachshunds. Which means, yes, we will have three hyper pups running around our one bedroom apartment for a week. Nate has already warned me that he may lose his mind. I'm already laughing at the thought of it. The three of them will probably end up sleeping in our bed and shoving us out of it. They're little dogs but they have a way of taking up the whole king bed. We wish Courtney all the best for a quick recovery and healthy baby girl!

We'll be heading home in 42 days! Mom, to get you in the holiday spirit, I posted a picture of Nate from last years Christmas sweater party. I don't think you ever got to see him in your award winning sweater. It's pretty awesome.

This is right outside of the studio i work at. Usually I can see the marina.

There's a really tall building on the corner of the block but you can't even see it. It just disappears into the fog.

This does a pretty good job showing how thick the fog actually is, and why I don't like driving in it.

This is for you mom. Nate at a Christmas sweater party last year. Notice the exquisite beading, and the decorative neckline. Awesome.

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