Oct 13, 2007

a good grilled cheese always feels like home

Well, it's a long one today. For the first time since we've been here we had something to do almost everyday. Which has been good for our social lives, but bad for the cleanliness of our apartment. We started out the week by meeting one of Nate's coworker at the church to take pictures of the signage and figure out how it could be improved. Nate and I got pretty lost the first week we went, so she figured we'd be the perfect people to point out the confusing areas. We're both learning a lot by working in "the real world." It's great that we're in similar, but different, fields. We can help each other out...and learn stuff that we didn't in school.

Izzy's mom had puppies this week. She had a little black and tan girl that we're seriously considering getting. The timing is off though and it would make our trip home for Christmas harder, but we'll see. We really want to get her. So we'll try to figure it out I guess.

Wednesday I went to wine club with Monica. It was at a new bar in town, and as usual, a lot of fun. It's a good way to meet people and learn more about the city. We (the ladies) meet once a month at a bar or restaurant and just hang out for a couple of hours. And then the guys can come meet up with us after that.

I finally got my hair cut. Seriously, I'm like 5 pounds lighter. Josh, the guy that is putting on the breast cancer benefit is a stylist and cut it for me. I love it. It's just too hot down here to have such long and thick hair. We're still in the mid 80's most days. Which means our electric bill is still ridiculous. It went up once again. Bummer.

Last night was the Kspace gallery opening. We had a blast. It was pretty surreal to see Nate's photo up all lit up and hanging with the work of really great artists from all over the nation. I think Kspace was really pleased with the turnout for the event. Both Nate and my co-workers came to show their support. It was pretty packed in there. There was food and wine, and a couple of bands that played. We spent the better part of three hours looking at the art and mingling. There was one piece in particular, a photograph, that Nate was drawn to when we first started walking around. He later got to meet the artist and talk to him about photography and film, and a bunch of stuff I don't really understand. Turns out the guy (who's purple crocs we'd been intrigued with for most of the night) had hung the wall that Nate's piece was on and really liked it. They talked for a long time and he gave him some really good pointers and offered to let him check out his studio space some time. I wish you guys could see the show, it's really quite impressive. We took some pictures though, so I guess they'll have to do. I'm so proud of him!

Today after church we were going to drive the loop around the islands, but we ended up only going about half way because the ferry line was 20 minutes long and we were too hungry for lunch to wait. So we stopped at a diner called "Bakery Cafe" over in Port Aransas. I'm so glad we did. We finally found a real, family owned (since 1929) diner down here! You can even sit on the spinning stools at the counter. I think we may try to make it an after church tradition. The food was so good!

The Bakery Cafe. Mmmm grilled cheese.

The entrance to the gallery.

Nate's co-workers congratulating him.

Nate with his piece. Thuuuumbs up!

Some people looking at Nate's piece.

A shot of part of the gallery.

The artist in the purple crocs.

Nate getting some munchies. Mmm.

My new hair cut.

Carla and Nate discussing the church signage.

Some tamales Sergio, my co-worker, gave us.

Here's your weekly photo of Izzy.

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