Oct 7, 2007

i'm pretty sure my dad was born to be a cartoon

Corpus Christi is an interesting city. Usually when I'm traveling to a new city I find that the night time can make me homesick. It's often oddly unfamiliar and uncomfortable. But ever since I've moved here this hasn't been the case.

This city is really much more charming during night. The bay is lit up all the way around, making almost a complete circle of lights. You can tell where each port city is, and the water in the center of everything is always so calm. We drove around the city Friday night and walk a little through some of the parks and the marina. There were some shrimpers working on their boat that I would have really liked to take a picture of. But I imagine a dark shadow of a person taking your picture while you work would be a little confusing and frightening, so I decided against it. Almost every business down town has a neon sign. I love neon. I think it is so much more attractive than some lit up plastic crap sign, and usually older and more nostalgic. Now if they could just find a way to fill all the empty parts of down town with businesses we could have a really awesome city here. Maybe that's another reason we like down town so much at night...the darkness hides all of the empty buildings.

Nate's last day at the record store was yesterday. I'm glad. Saturdays alone are boring. But we did have a nice dinner together (our first in way too long) to celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants, Utopia. Yep mom, I got the grilled caesar. I can't resist it. Whoever came up with the idea of putting a salad on the grill is a genius.

We went back to the Methodist Church today for the second time. It was world communion week which was awesome. We're really liking it there, and are meeting a ton of people. I'm sorry to say, I've already forgotten most everyone's name. It was introduction overload. We're really lucky though because one of the ladies Nate works with, Carla, is kind of the "Deb Blaedel" of the church down here (for those of you who know Deb this will take no explanation) so she knows everyone and is really involved. We're looking forward to joining some classes and getting to know more people. Carla and her family took us out for BBQ afterwards which was really really nice of them. And seriously, they have two of the coolest little kids ever. One of their sons spends a lot of time at the studio after he gets out of class and let us know that he is so grateful to have Nate working their so that he "has another guy to talk to"...mostly about Star Wars.

The rest of the day was dedicated to naps, pizza, and creating South Park family portraits. Try to guess who's who. I think the likenesses are pretty awesome. And sorry mom, your hair isn't really that big, it was the only option they gave me that was short and curly. Oh, and just like in real life, Grandma's glasses are custom made...by yours truly. I think you might want to use this as your Christmas card this year.

Me and my baby girl.

One of the boats at the marina.

Some more boats at the marina.

Part of the lit up bay.

My Family. Grandparents, parents, me, siblings, Grace, and Curty. You can click on the picture to make it bigger and see the diamonds on Grandma's glasses.

Nate's family.

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