Oct 16, 2007

my gma can out glitter your gma

Yesterday was my Grandma Jones' birthday. Shout out to my Gma J! Woo Hoo classy lady! Sorry we missed the party. But I'll see you in Austin in a few weeks!

Anyways. So it turns out that we'll be able to leave Texas a day earlier to come home for Christmas. Which means...you get one more day of us! Yea! And we get an extra day in Iowa. Yea! So, to correct a previous post, we will now be back home on Sunday December 16th (weather and dog permitting).

Also, here are some pictures of Nate's studio he's been working at. This is his desk area up on the second floor. Hopefully he'll get some pics of the first floor soon. It's really a very nice house turned studio. And it always smells good...usually like cinnamon apple.

Nate's work area.

The view from Nate's desk into one of the other offices.

Nate's desk and a cute little sun room/nook.

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