Oct 18, 2007

bring your dog to work day

Last night Nate and I went to "Noche en el Caribe," a breast cancer benefit here in town. I worked on the graphics for the event so we got tickets to go. There were hors d'oeuvres, a fashion show of some local boutiques, and drag queens. The event was held at the Town Club which is a reception hall about 6 stories up in what I'm sure is the nicest building in town...atleast that I've been in so far. The main room, where the runway was set up, was beautiful. It has rounded glass walls on each side and overlooks the water which was really pretty at dusk. There are pictures below that probably do a better job describing it than I do.

Since we were already dressed up Nate and I decided to continue our date night and head to a nice steakhouse here in town for martini night. It was pretty delicious. We hung out for a little while, and I got to talk to Rachel on the phone. She's going to be here in 28 days! We're so excited! Thanksgiving week should be great. We'll get to see Rachel, Jamie, and some of my family. Yea!

Izzy's having a little bit of a rough week. Yesterday when Izzy was running around the yard on her leash one of the neighbor dogs got out of his collar and ran across the yard and attacked her. Nate swatted the meany out of the way, but Izzy was super scared and squeeling. I guess we'll have to make sure to stay super close to her...but that makes it kind of hard for her to run around. Then today while outside she got "attacked" by ants and has more than 20 huge ant bites on her chest. They're gross. But we called the vet and they said to give her some benedryl. She isn't acting like it's bugging her, but it scares me. And it must be uncomfortable. Pretty nasty. I took her to work with me today though so she could have some extra time out of her room...which is now in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. We've put a gate up. She gets more light out there and seems to be happier and more lively when we get home. She was great at the studio though. She had to sniff everything out of course. But once she calmed down she spent the rest of the morning asleep on my lap. It was nice.

Izzy sitting on my lap under my desk. One of the sweetest pictures of her ever.

She fell asleep for a while.

Nate with his martini.

Me waiting for my martini. Nice lighting.

One of the rooms at the Town Club.

This is the glass room I was talking about. Pretty.

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