Oct 18, 2007

my poor little baby

She got bit by what appears to be like 40 ants...maybe fire ants?? We're not sure. We've given her some Benadryl and she is acting normal. But we called the vet ER and they're open...just in case. Pretty scary, but we're keeping an eye on her.

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Momka said...


I lived in Corpus for many years and, yes, your baby has fire ant bites, some of many, many to come.

Here's the absolute cure-all for pup, you and all your friends! MSG. Yep, the meat tenderizer Mono Sodium Glutamate.

Get the real stuff (not just a meat tenderizer with spices, unless you like to smell like an entree, but it works, too, and 7-11 has it) from any Oriental food store. Get a bag of it; keep a ziplock baggie of it in your car; you don't need but a light sprinkle of it.

Wet the site of the bite (bottle condensation or spit works!), sprinkle the MSG and within 15-25 seconds all pain is gone as if it never existed. It's like a MIRACLE. Welts don't even appear. Brush the remainder off, can wash it off, too (remember, it's a meat tenderizer and actually breaks down cellular structure).

MSG actually NEUTRALIZES the acid from the poisonous stings, so it's as if they never occurred.

I learned about this for FREQUENT ugh! MAN-O-WAR SHRIEKING STINGS, and found it also works for bees, wasps, fire ants, you name it.

Can't tell you how many sobbing adults in 7-11s I took out to my car and sprinkled. It's wonderful stuff.

Hey, you sound like really sweet people. If you run across my Corpus son (another nice person, like yourselves), Morgan -- 24 in December -- say hi from Mom. :-) --Karen