Sep 7, 2007

a timeline of current events: may and june

So for those of you who I haven't been doi
ng my part to keep in touch with this is a run down of what's been going on in the last two and a half months:


This May I graduated from Iowa State University with my BFA in Graphic Design which meant one thing...time to find a job. I will ne
ver be envious of anyone looking for their first career oriented job. It's very stressful and a ton of work. Way more work than an actual job. But after sending out what seemed to be a million resumes I started getting interviews and finally some offers. No, the goal wasn't to get as far away as possible from home, but Alaska and Oregon were definitely in the running there for a while. We opted, instead, for the much warmer (down right hot), city of Corpus Christi, TX. I interviewed in the middle of May at McLeod Creative, a very small, but very cool studio in downtown. This was my first time in Texas so we spent a couple days in Austin on the way down. And had a not so wonderful day in Kansas City...

Nate and I in Austin

Me after my interview. This is the opening party for the Wind and Water Open.

After deciding to take the offer at McLeod we had about a month to get everything
packed and ready to move across the country. I would be living in Corpus by myself until the first week in August while Nate was finishing up his BA in Advertising. I wrapped up my internship, left Nate a mattress and a TV, and headed South. On the way through Oklahoma we picked up the newest addition to our family, Isabelle, or Izzy as we call her. She is our baby dachshund who we love to death and spoil rotten. She made the summer alone much more bearable for me. We moved in to our apartment in heat like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately we hired guys to carry our stuff up the stairs. There's no way Nate and I could've done it alone. And after a couple days of unpacking and spending time together Nate flew back to Iowa. That part sucked. But I started my job and I couldn't ask for a better work environment, or people to work with for that matter. My first project was some posters for a stand at the baseball stadium. Go Hooks!

Isabelle Rippke (this pic is from the breeder 8 wks)

Little bitty Izzy taking a rest on her dad.

My first project in "the real world." mmm chicago dogs.

There's a lot more sand and grass now, but this is what my apt. looked like back in June.

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