Sep 7, 2007

a timeline of current events: july

So here's the next phase of our summer in Corpus Christi. Let's finish getting everyone caught up. This is all old news folks.

July ended my days alone for a while. My mom and grandma came down and were joined by Grace to spend the 4th with me. I had three days of holiday so I ha
d a lot of free time. We went over to the USS Lexington to celebrate, which was really amazing and interesting. Izzy instantly fell in love with my mom, and I lost my sleeping buddy for most of the time they were here. We missed out on fireworks because of all of the rain, but were lucky enough to have my boss get us tickets for the Hooks game later that week and we got so see some fireworks after the game (which we won!). We ate delicious mexican food until we had to be rolled home, and Grace got a really really really bad sunburn at the beach. To end their trip here we spent a day walking around and shopping up in San Antonio at the riverwalk.

After they left I had a couple days alone before Emily and Curtis came to spend 12 days with me. Izzy was not well behaved while they were here and pretty much started every morning out at 7am by pooping on the floor to wake them up. We also went to a Hooks game, but had to sit on the hill, which was kind of fun until we got scared of the rain and went home. They spent most days exploring the city while I was at work. We ate a boat load of delicious food as well. Especially Sonic. Oh, by the way Em and Curtis, I ate one of those giant coney dogs today. It was delicious. Then they went home and I finished out the month hanging out with Izzy.

The riverwalk in San Antonio

My grandma and mom on the riverwalk boat

Emily, Curtis and I at the ballgame

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