Sep 7, 2007

so i'm really not a blogger...but let's give this a shot

Hey y'all! So since Nate and I have moved to the edge of the Earth, and approximately 18 hours away from my nearest family and friends, I think it best that we have a simple way to keep everyone up to date. Myspace and Facebook are great...but I highly doubt that my grandma is going to be getting an account any time soon. This should be an all access form of communication where Nate and I can let you know any recent happenings and share pictures of our lives down here in Corpus Christi. That being said I guess I'll kick this thing off...but a warning...I am not, nor have I ever been, a good writer. So if you could please excuse any typos, grammatical errors, and all around poorly structured entries that would be great. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible...which I'm sure will happen since I'm addicted to my computer. Don't be surprised if there are multiple entries for a day. Especially as I'm getting things started. There's a whole summer of catching up to do! Miss you all, and see you around Christimas time!

This is me at the beach on Mustang Island CC,TX

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Randi Morton said...

Ash & Nate, so nice to hear from you! I love the page!! I cant wait to come visit. :)