Sep 7, 2007

a timeline of current events: august-present

Ok, this is long and there are a log of pictures, but it should get us pretty close to up to date on this thing. August was my favorite month this summer. Nate graduated from ISU on the 3rd and got here on the 4th. Pretty weird to see him after being apart for 7 weeks. It was awesome though. Izzy liked having someone new in the house too. She pretty much ignores me most of the time now because she'd much rather lay on him than me. But i guess he is the stay at home daddy right now.

Izzy pup is growing up so fast!!

The advertising market down here is slow for the hiring. Nate started looking before he moved down here, he's had some encouraging words, but there are no openings for full time jobs at the firms around here right now. He's got an interview for a possible freelance job next week so we're crossing our fingers. Until then he's had a couple other job offers. One to be the manager of a record store down here, which would be pretty cool, and a possible salary painting job for Texas A&M. It wouldn't be his first choice, but it'd pay the bills until something more appealing comes along.

Good news though: Nate has been accepted into a national gallery show for a photograph he took!! I am so proud of him. His piece is one of 69 that was chosen out of 319! Pretty awesome for him. The show opens October 13th and we couldn't be more excited.

My job has been going great. Like I said earlier, I love the work and the people and our studio. It's all awesome. I've made good friends with one of the other designers, Grace. She's pretty awesome. We've had some pretty ridiculous times in the last month or so. The grand opening/ribbon cutting for McLeod Creative was last week and it was a blast! There was some great food and drinks and even some hula dancing. This is getting long, so just see the pics!

Grace and Nate upstairs at the studio

Monica cutting the ribbon with the mayor. Me and Grace with IZZY the mascot from A&M.

Grace and Trey and I in the "concept nook" at the studio

Grace in a hat, and part of the studio

Hula dancing (Melissa the intern, me, Grace, and el presidente Monica)

Izzy pup is doing good. We're planning on getting another sometime this winter. They're so dang funny and cute and perfect. We babysat our friend's (Courtney) dachshund and now we really need to have two of them around. Izzy loved it and we both like having one for ourselves. Courtney and her family live in Kingsville (45 min away), and she's pretty awesome as well, so Izzy should get to have some play dates in the future. Well, I think that does it. So enjoy the weekend. And if anything else exciting come up we'll keep y'all posted!

Me at the water gardens on my 23rd birthday

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