Sep 21, 2007

look ma' a gold star

Well it's official. I am going to turn into a breakfast taco. Either that or something from Sonic. We have the best Mexican food down here. I just can't resist. Last night was Chachos and Taco Cabana (yes, both), today was homemade tacos, and tomorrow morning is the infamous Elva's "destroyers."

James has given Nate and I something new to save iMac. We have one at the studio so, thanks to the wonderful invention of the isight, my lunch break has now become a virtual meeting with James, and sometimes Niki. I know Nate's family has one, and my sister does too, along with several of our friends. It would be a great way to actually see each other while talking. Pretty awesome. How did I not know about this glorious technology before?

Work was work as usual. Nate worked a few days at the record store and designed a website. It was pretty uneventful, but I did get signed up for my first insurance away from the parents. Woo Hoo! And Nate got dental insurance for the first time in what I'm assuming has been far too long. Yea! Am I old now that insurance is exciting to me? Am I turning into my parents?

There are no big plans for the weekend. We may check out another one of the smaller towns around here...or go to the Kingsville Pharmacy for a corn dog and a milkshake. Either way we plan on sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, and maybe taking Izzy to another one of the beaches.

Nate and his framed work of art. Beautiful!

This is her "don't mess with me" face

And this is Grace and my creepy mask face

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