Sep 24, 2007

82 days and counting...

As promised this weekend was very relaxing, and not very eventful. We spent hours watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and sitting by the pool. We also drove around one of the other islands down here and checked out the scenery. It was pretty nice. But now it's Monday and back to work for both of us. I've gotten my vacation approved for Christmas time so Nate and I (and hopefully Grace) will be headed back in good 'ole IA on December 16th. The good news is we get to stay until January 2nd. And the even better news (for me anyways) is that I only have to use 7 days of my vacation in order to have 19 days off. Nice.

As of today, Nate's sister is officially coming to visit us during her Thanksgiving break. We're both really excited! It'll be nice to have some family around for our very very small and cozy Thanksgiving dinner...I'm not sure what all we'll have, but I've promised Nate we'll make stuffing. Anyways, we're looking forward to her being here. And I'm sure Izzy will like having another person around the house.

Speaking of my Izzy baby...she started losing her teeth this weekend. No, the doggie toothfairy didn't come. It's not really in her budget right now.

A coupld of Izzy's baby teeth. Yes, I documented it.

Us laying by the pool

Izzy and Nate taking a nap

Part of our drive. The bay literally comes up to the road.


Christopher Landauer said...

OMG, someone else as strange as I am. I kept a puppy tooth from each of my two pups as well. Which reminds me, I should brush their teeth. Now that's a labor of love. Non-dog people will never understand. :c)

MOM Rippke said...

Nice - at least when Izzy's teeth grow back in they won't be as sharp!