Apr 11, 2010

aaaaaaaand we're outta here

Don't worry, we're not leaving the internet (that'd be the day)...but we are leaving Texas. Yep, the Rippkes are on the move! We've loved our time in Corpus, and are going to miss everyone like crazy (seriously, I'm already stressing about it a bit), but it's time for us to move a little closer to home and test out the waters of being full-time freelance graphic designers.

Where are you going you ask? Well, we're heading back home to Iowa for a bit this spring to spend time with family and friends (wooo!) before heading to Nashville to start the next chapter. We've decided on Nashville for several reasons. It gets us about 10 hours closer to home which will be a wonderful change. It's also a larger city, and somewhere we could see ourselves setting up design shop, and possibly settling long term.

So, we're five weeks out as of tomorrow. Time is going by so quickly already. I know we need to to start putting to do lists together, sorting through all of our stuff (hopefully minimizing it), and maybe start putting some solid plans together...but we're having way more fun hanging out with people and pretending like they're coming along with us (but seriously, you are right?).

We'll be sad to say goodbye to good friends, our loving church family, and our wonderful jobs. But, while we know there is a lot of change coming up, we're excited and hopeful for it all...plus, we can keep in touch on Facebook right? Thank goodness for the internet...

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