Apr 5, 2010

aaaaaaaand we're back

Take a trip with me if you will....back to, oh, say winter. You know, that time of year about four months ago, when it was chilly, when there was snow on the ground up North...when I was actually updating this thing. Yeah, sorry. I'm back now though (thanks to a reminder from my dear friend Emily). We've been a tad bit busy, and exciting things are happening in our little family.

Let's start back in January...

Well, I took my first trip to South Padre and the Mexican/Texas border. Nate had already been last year with his grandma, but it was a new adventure for me. Karina and her family (some seriously fabulous people by the way) invited us down to the valley to celebrate her birthday. They've been in South Texas for years and years, and are no strangers to the border city of Nuevo Progreso, so I was thankful for their guidance throughout the city...let's just say it's a little out of my comfort zone. The party never stops with the Paris clan though. And I can't complain. We continued the party the following weekend here in Corpus. Here are some of the pictures...

As always we were welcomed with a hug, a cold beverage, and enough delicious homemade food for an army.

Nate getting ready to head out for the day.

Fun with tourist photo spots. :)

Mmmm wanna wannas in South Padre.

South Padre Island.

Barbara, Chase, and Karina enjoying the view.

Ed and Nate.

Driving into Mexico.

Nuevo Progreso, MX.

A visor with built in hair...classic.

Totally should have bought this.

Big hats.

Tiny hats.

Snackin' on the street.

Apparently they were yummy. Nate is braver than I...

So was Chase.

Karina and Consuelo.

A dinner of red fish and flounder.

Back in the states...

in time for some jello poke cake. yuuuuum!

Karina and her parents during bday weekend two - Corpus Christi

The boys. Nate and Cory.

Soon to be married, Taylor and Kayci. Our newest Corpus friends. :)

Mmmm. Jello poke cake and coconut strawberry cake.

Brenda (Chase's mom), Shannon, and Cory.

And us. :) I look super short.

Alright, so now, February. The man of the house turned 29 this year. Yep, that's right, Nate's almost 30. Get ready for a major party in about 11 months. It also happened to be Super Bowl weekend, so we had a joint party over at Kayci and Taylor's new place.

Karina spoiled Nate with homemade cheesecake and bailey's. :) Mmm.

And looooads of topping options for the cheesecake.

Chase and Karina lookin cute.

Cory and Shannon celebrating with us.

Towards the end of February we celebrated Nate and his coworker's design achievements at the ADDY awards. Spending time with the Kailo crew is always a fun time...especially when there's a photo booth and 80's props involved.


Um, awesome.

February also had some cute and lazy pup pup moments. Just in case you thought you might get a post on here without a dachshund photo...

Beanie Ween. She put herself like this by the way.

The snuggliest.

Almost caught up. Moving on.
We made a trip up to San Antonio at the beginning of the month to see Dave Ramsey. Needless to say, it was pretty awesome. Even in our nosebleed seats (that's what happens when you're late, whops).

Dave Ramsey Live

The borrower is slave to the lender...it's right there in Proverbs.

The event got us inspired and when we were offered a painting job we jumped all over it. :)

During their spring break my family took a trip to San Diego. My sister sent me this picture of my dad, and I am still laughing...

The weekend before Easter City Church hosted an Easter festival in the park behind the church. The weather was perfect, and we had a great turn out. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful church family. They've been an awesome support system, and our family away from home.

Angi and Valor. :)

Nate and Pastor Dave.

The kiddos hunting for eggs.

Ah, water balloons.

And music by the fabulous Steven Hansen

The following day our good friends invited us out to Kingsville for the air show...being a jet pilot might be a tad more adventurous than being a graphic designer...

Nate looking sharp.

The trainer jet

Blue Angels 5 and 6

My first air show. :)

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