Jul 28, 2009

360 or bust...or get some stitches

I'd have to sit and think about it for a bit, but most likely I'd conclude that the best part about living in Corpus Christi is the ability to go on vacation without having to travel more than an hour from your home. A swimmable beach is only about ten minutes from our apartment, although honestly neither Nate or I are huge friends of salt water. Buuut, fortunately for us we have spectacular friends...and, come to find out, they have a spectacular lake house. A lake house! Fresh water! It almost felt like Iowa...

We spent most of the day boating, eating, and meeting some new friends. Karina did have a bit of an accident and ended up needing stitches. :( But don't worry she totally completed her knee boarding 360 beforehand...so all in all it was a successful day. We are so thankful for our friends down here and their awesome families as well.

A couple of weeks ago Nate attended the "Voyage: A Journey Through Our Solar System" ribbon cutting ceremony and family star gazing night. The Voyage project is an educational scale model of our solar system. A one ten billionth scale model in fact. Space is craaaazy huge. During the morning celebration Dr. Jeff Goldstein, Center Director for the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education, lead a group of space enthusiasts (Nate included) down the bay front to each of the scale size planetary models where he explained their size, gravity, etc. in relation to each other using landmarks from around our city. I'm kind of bummed I missed out...Nate's been pretty pumped about space ever since.

Bean also wants to let you know it's hot down here right now. She got way too tired being out in the heat.

Really really tired...but really really cute. :)

The Carlisle lake house :) You'll notice the dock is no longer in the water...

Having so much fun on the boat.

Nate hanging out on the boat.

Cap't Terrel driving while Chase shows off his wake boarding skills.

Pretty lady Karina

So, apparently we're having a drought in Texas...

Karina sliced her foot while out on the boat and had to go get stitches :(

Our new friends Lizzie and John. Nate's fellow Corpus Christi beardmate.

My favorite from the evening.

The view from the house.

Ranger looking studly out on the boat. 

Dr. Goldstein at the Voyage Solar System ribbon cutting

Dr. Goldstein teaching everyone about the solar system.

The first few of the planets. The rest literally take you all the way down the bay.

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