Jun 19, 2009

if we'd gotten married in the 70's

Happy Anniversary to us! Woo hoo! Three years of what have actually been almost 100% wedded bliss. :) We've been very blessed.

We hadn't really had great "couple" pictures taken since our wedding, so we decided that to celebrate this year we wanted to do some sort of awesome editorial type shoot. Luckily for us we know THE BEST photographer...and she lives in our building...and she also happens to be an excellent friend.  Her name is Nicki Bursae and incase you missed it a second ago, she is THE BEST! We couldn't be happier with the pictures. 

Check out her work here. And hire her if you're in the Corpus Christi or South Texas area.Or anywhere actually...she travels. :) Doooo it. She also took these pictures of our little family last year. 

LOVE. :)

Our favorite. Look how cute Nate is! Totally married a stud.

hehe. :)

Check it out. I have legs in this shot.  You'd never know I'm 5' 2'' :)

It's a fact. Everyone looks cool in Elvis sunglasses.

Isn't she fabulous! SO glad to have these photos!

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michaela said...

i love these pictures! they look so classy and cool!! also, the pic in the shopping cart = super cute! good deal. i've never hired a photographer, but if i ever did, i'd hire her. hurray for cute couple friends! <3 you!