Jun 21, 2009

everybody's working for the weekend

Nate and I are having a string of fabulous weekends. Mostly in part to our fabulous friends Karina and Chase...and their awesome families. :) LC Rocks (probably the best 80's cover band ever) was in Corpus this weekend. We spent Friday night out with the Paris family living it up and dancing til our feet were sore...or in Karina's case bleeding and broken. Oops.

Saturday we spent another perfect day at Chase's dad's house lounging around the pool with more coronas, queso (I may have an addiction), and the BEST low cal margaritas ever. I need to get the recipe from Karina and post it up here for y'all to try. Seriously yummy. Thanks to Chase and Captain Ed (Karina's dad) we enjoyed a fried feast of red fish and chicken, and I got a lesson on frying stuff in your backyard. Yes, the chicken was for us Iowan non seafood eaters (thanks for thinking of us guys!). Although, I think Nate is developing a taste for red fish. He even ate the throat. The throat! Pretty impressed by his bravery.

Also, Happy father's day to my pops! Love you and see you in about a week! :)

The four of us at Aria. 

Chase, Karina, and Karina's lovely parents - Ed and Barbara. Happy 25th anniversary Ed and Barbara! See you in the valley soon!!

Chase and Karina. :)

Some excellent 80's hair and wardrobe. 

Karina dancing it up on stage. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ^ here. :)

Coy lounging in the pool.

Nate and me. Hutch snuck in the shot too.

Captain Ed and his fishing rod lighter.

Getting the oil going.


mmm hushpuppies. 

and some french fries. mmm.

Karina and Juliana.

The girls.

Probably my favorite. Ha.

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