May 10, 2009

i dare you to eat the guts

Whew. Now that Nate and I actually have a bit of a break in our schedule, I've got some catching up to do! I'm not sure where this last month has gone, but I do know that it must be summer because it's starting to get quite warm down here.

There is some exciting stuff happening here in Corpus so we've been filling our time with a more active social life than usual, as well as some house painting on the side. Now if we could just get motivated enough to finish our own painting...

Quick "happy mother's day!" to my mom. Miss you and love you...hope to see you soon. :) 

Nate's parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago (we love company, y'all should come visit again soon!). We only had a couple of days together, but we made the most of it. There were some events going on here in Corpus, and since we had the weekend free we decided to take a day trip up to San Antonio to enjoy the riverwalk and alamo.

Since then we've been working hard at the studio to finish up the latest issues of The One. It's going to be fantastic! I'm excited to post photos of it once we send it off to press. The cover is stunning.

Most of the rest of our free time has been spent with the excellent friends we've made of the last two years (yeah, it's already been two years!). Karina and Chase had us over for a crawfish cookout. Since this is not something that's huge in Iowa it was definitely entertaining. Nate and I aren't seafood people so it was more of a spectator sport for us. And let me tell ya, Chase and Terrell are pros.

Also, Corpus Christi is now home to it's very own social media club. Nate and I have taken interest in becoming an active part of it and have enjoyed all of the networking opportunities and friends we've met through it. We're excited for what it has to bring to this city, and are looking forward to next month's meeting.

Nate and Karina catching some rays. 

Terrell and Chase dominating some crawfish.


No plates needed.

Our friend/neighbor, Nicki, at social media club. She's an excellent photographer here in town.

Nate looking pretty rad in my sunglasses. Oh yeah, it's summer down here.

Family picture with Nate's parents. :)

Nate and me at the Alamo.

A photo Byron took at the Alamo.

We ate at a place called Dick's on the riverwalk. 

Nate in his bib. Probably needed...

Me with Becki and byron at the riverwalk.

Nate and his dad went to the boat show. Apparently some of this was going on...


Curtis Dubbya said...

Those crawfish look disgusting. (Just an Iowan's perspective)

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