Jan 23, 2009

make sure to take some dramamine

Well I did it. I finally found what all of Corpus Christi SHOULD be. It should be people, sitting on balconies, watching sailboats float by as the sun goes down. Oh, while enjoying some sort of beach appropriate beverage of course. 

Wednesday nights are the sailboat races here in the bay. Usually I just head home after work, but Nate had to work late so I decided to head over and meet up with Karina and Chase for some chit chat. I'm not sure where they race to, but it was pretty to watch in any case. 

There really need to be more restaurants right on the water like this... 

Karina and Chase. :)

I'd be sea sick right about here.

And definitely by here...but if I was going to have a sail boat I'm pretty sure I'd want a giant pink sail like this. They're totally dominating. 

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