Jan 28, 2009

dave, you better answer my call

Thus far, the new year has brought numerous reasons for us to celebrate down here in Corpus Christi. We hope it has found the same for you.

In the social scope: Nate and I went to what was the most fun dinner party I think I've ever been to. Seven courses of conversation, food, and every wine under the sun. The food was fabulous, but honestly the company was even better. I really think it's something we should put into regular practice. We also celebrated Karina's birthday this week. Happy birthday Karina!! I think I truly became a Texan at her unofficial party...line dancing, country music lyric learning, and something called "the cotton eye Joe" maybe? All I know for sure is that it was a heck of a lot of fun, and we're pretty lucky to have met such wonderful friends down here. Now, if I only had a picture of me line dancing in my dress pants and black turtleneck...

On to the business news: The latest issue of The One is out. And it's pretty lovely if I do say so myself. Even though my pictures of it are taken with my phone, and are not by any means classy, ha. We had a sneak preview of it at the bridal fair, but it technically hits stands tomorrow. Also, McLeod Creative has won 9 Addys this year! I'm pretty excited about it. These are my first professional awards. We're not entirely sure what projects have won what awards, but the dinner is in the middle of February so I'll post the results after that. :)

And the BIG news of the month: No, we're not having a baby if that was the first thing that came to your mind, ha. But we are officially DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! As of noon yesterday we made our final payment and kicked student loans out of our lives forever! Wooooo! Yay!!!! Pretty exciting stuff for us. Don't worry, I documented it (I know you were worried). Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to our family and friends who have helped us do it, and put up with us during our days of "rice and beans." Although, it doesn't stop here. So I guess you get to continue being annoyed by it. :) Next step, our fully funded emergency fund. Then I'd like to become a Dave Ramsey certified counselor. Don't worry Grandma, we aren't REALLY only eating beans and rice.

Dave Ramsey, I'm calling you tomorrow. Get ready.

This is what Nate looks like Debt free! Yay!

So excited. But seriously, we're excited.

Our first debt free picture together!

Nate and Justin (who helped us get out of debt by totally helping us out in a freelance programming bind) enjoying some celebration martinis. Mmmm, strawberry.

Some pictures Karina took...not actually birthday shots, but celebratory non-the-less!

Terrell and Chase.

Pretty lady. She always makes me look so freaking pale. 

The new issue of The One...sorry for the crappy picture.

One of my favorite spreads. :)

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