Dec 10, 2008

it's official. we're spoiled.

Ok ok, I know I said I was having a hard time getting into the "Christmas spirit" when it's still between 70 and 80 degrees outside everyday...but I didn't mean I wanted it to get cold! 

It snowed in Austin last night. SNOWED. That's only a mere three hours North of here.

Yesterday I was walking around downtown in my flip flops and skirt, and today we woke up to a frigid 39 degree morning. I had to dig through my closet to find something, anything, resembling a jacket. And the socks I'm wearing...they're Nate's. I'm pretty sure I don't even own a pair anymore.

So yes, it's official. I'm totally, rottenly, spoiled. And Texas has turned me into a winter wimp extraordinaire. 


Steph said...

You don't own socks..? Wow, i think i might be moving to texas in a couple of years.

Hey - can you guys get eggnog down there? Someone told me you can't find it in Chicago.

Mrs. Rippke said...

nope. no socks. sandals everyday. it's pretty awesome.

and yes. we drink Silk Nog, but you can get regular egg nog down here too. we actually have some in the fridge right now...and it's delicious.

i highly recommend moving to texas. austin's pretty cool, and it doesn't usually snow up there. :) that's where we'll probably be going in the not sooooo distant future.